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March Empties

31 Mar

Hello everyone! Are you all enjoying the last day of March? I am by going to work to share the joy! But before I leave I’ll post this up. This month had a bunch of empties which was amazing I still have a ton of stuff to go through but the amount is slowly decreasing from my stashes and it just makes me happy to see it. I love trying out new products so clearing and using up old makeup/skincare is a great way for me to justify buying a new product.

I can’t wait to see next month’s empties.

Project 10 Pan Update: March 31

31 Mar

Hello everyone! It’s the end of the month and there is going to be two posts today. I usually don’t post on the weekend but I feel that any projects undertaken should be special cases. Anyways, this is the update for my Project 10 Pan 2012 if you didn’t know what my list was the post is here.

So out of all the items I have finished 6 makeup products and 3 skincare products. Empties are here and I forgot to put in the True Blue Spa Apricot Scrub… I was so excited I finished it that I just tossed it.

So now there are new things to finish and since I’ve purchased so much I’m also putting myself on a no-buy until I finish these products… oh dear I suck at no buy.

Items: ELF Hypershine Lipgloss in Fairy, ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Perfect Pink, Annabelle Tie-Dye Face Powder in Guru Glow, Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Bold Gold, Tarte Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder, Quo All Over Face Palette in Made you Flush, Bonnebell Gel Bronzer in Luminous Glow, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl sample, and both the Maybelline Color Popsensational Lipsticks in Citrus Slice and Raspberry Ice.

Now I’m sure you are wondering about the eyeliners from the previous Project 10 Pan and I’ve thrown them away with some of my other eyeliners as they are over 3 years old so it’s time for them to go. Here’s a goodbye photo of all the eyeliners together. (Items were NYC Black, Wet ‘n Wild White, Sephora Alpine Green, and NYX in Black and Navy.

Onto skincare!

Items: My Beauty Diary Orange Blossom Moisturizing Mist, Freeman Avocado and Clay Mask, Laneige UV Total Base, True Blue Spa Green Tea Foaming Face Mask, Freeman Pineapple Enzyme Face Mask, Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX, Naruko Job’s Tears Night Jelly, Lancome Renergie Lift Volumetry Moisturizer, Nivea AquaSensation Eye cream, and LUSH Mask of Magniminty.

Next post is the Monthly Empties!

Review: NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette in 04 Catwalk

30 Mar

Hello everyone! I purchased these palettes about the same time last year and am finally getting around to reviewing them… I’m getting lazy with my swatches. But anyways this is one of the five that I have purchased. Look forward to the other palettes as well!

Description: A 10 pan eyeshadow for all your color needs! Colors from top left to right: A light pink Barbie pink with golden glitters, a glittering gold chocolate brown, an in your face orange with gold glitters, a matte tan-brown, and a gold glitter tree bark shade. In the second row from left to right: A light champagne with brown shimmers, a orange with champagne shimmers, a light tan with shimmers, a rusty chocolate brown, and copper brown. All swatches were done with one swipe.

Review: I have to say that this is the first time that I described so many colors at once no wonder I put off reviewing these palettes until now. The palette is a great everyday shade perfect for the spring due to the orange which is an on-trend color this season. I really like the amount of shades that are available in the palette which you can mix and match to suit your needs. The colors are very warm-toned though so I feel that cool-toned people will have  difficult time pulling off the shades (but it is doable just time-consuming). For the powders they are very smooth and blend very easily on the lids it’s a very nice eyeshadow formulation that’s soft but not too soft where you get so much fallout. Staying power only lasted 2-3 hours without primer and 4-5 hours with primer so it’s not the greatest staying eyeshadow. Same goes for the pigmentation it is pigmented but sometimes it doesn’t show up like that on my eyelids so using a white base (like NYX Eyeshadow base in White) would help with the pigmentation of the shadows. The packaging is very simple and minimalistic which I appreciate I have taken these travelling and dropped them a couple of times and each time they were okay (I only dropped them over carpet so I can’t report on how they fair when they hit a hard floor). Overall, I think this is a great neutral palette perfect for those starting out with makeup.

Cost: $8-10CDN @

Would I recommend this product? These eyeshadows are great for everyone it’s basic but those who are not warm-toned these eyeshadows are not for you due to the orange-like undertones to the eyeshadows.

High-end Haul

30 Mar

Hello everyone! This high end haul started accumulating around 2 weeks ago and the Sephora Chic Week with 15% off was tempting me as well. So I don’t usually haul like this so this is a one-time occurance as a majority of the items were purchased withing 2-3 days of each other. Other than that please enjoy what I have purchased from the pricier brands.

Items: Sephora + Pantone Universe 3 Piece Eyeliner Set in Meteorite (black), Chestnut (brown) and Tangerine Tango Twist (orange), Sephora + Pantone Universe Prisma Chrome Blush in Apricot Brandy, Clinique All About Eyes Rich eye cream, Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, Too Faced Natural at Night Palette, Dior Poudre Shimmer in Amber Diamond, Bare Minerals Matte Mineral Foundation in Golden Fair, and MAC Mineralized Eyeshadows in Fresh Ice (Glitter & Ice), Summer Haze (Naturally), and Love Connection (Mineralized Refresh). As for the smaller items they are sample sizes and what I got were Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing lipgloss in Panache, Mineral Veil, and Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara, skincare samples include Dr Brandt Collagen Eye Serum, and DDF Advanced Firming Cream. Lastly were the perfume samples and the ones I got were Giorgio Armani Sport Code cologne, Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gioia, BCBGMaxazria, and Flora by Gucci.

Man, that is a lot of items but it will last me for a while hopefully I won’t be in the mood to purchase any more makeup for the next few months. Of course with MAC collections that’s different.

Nail polishes were from because I couldn’t find the Hunger Games polishes anywhere in stores and the stores I found some just had empty display cases. I picked up some more polishes not from China Glaze but there were all unique to my nail polish collection (thus my reasoning behind purchasing them).

Shades from left to right: Orly Galaxy Girl, OPI I have a Herring Problem, Butter London Wallis, Butter London Knackered, China Glaze Hunger Games in Luxe & Lush, Electrify, Harvest Moon, Agro and Smoke & Ashes.

All right that is everything except for the MAC pigment samples I ordered but those aren’t coming in until 2 weeks from now so that is everything. Hope you all have a great weekend then!

Review: Essence Mono Eyeshadow in Mystic Purple

29 Mar

Hello everyone! The review on the other Essence eyeshadow I picked up is finally going up on the blog. This is a very exciting eyeshadow nothing like anything I currently own. Link for a Makeup Look using this eyeshadow is here, now onto the review!

Description: A holographic eyeshadow for extra dimensional looks. The base is a gray with purple microshimmers throughout the shade. Swatched with 2 swipes across the hand.

Review: I must say that I love duochrome especially in nail polish but I don’t come across many eyeshadow shades that have a duochrome likeness to it so this was a pleasant surprise. The shadow isn’t as smooth nor creamy as Party All Night (review here) but it still has a nice color pay off and great blendability on the lid. Even though this shade is not as pigmented as I would like the duochrome is still present in any sort of lighting. Including day, night, blinding light and bathroom light. I really like to use this shade as a highlight or a blending shade to pull cool toned and warm toned shades together. Overall, I think this is a fantastic shade and I really wished I had a camera that could see how awesome the duochrome of the eyeshadow is.

Cost: $2.49CDN @ Shoppers Drug Mart

Would I recommend this product? Yes, the lovely duochrome this has is absolutely fantastic and is a must-have for all seasons.

Review: Physician’s Formula Season-to-Season Bronzer

28 Mar

Hello everyone! Hooray Spring is coming soon and now I can seriously layer on bronzer for the sought after sun-kissed glow without worrying about skin cancer.

(Top = whole bronzer, L-R: Winter, Spring, Fall, Summer and Middle ball of sparkly stuff)

Description: Wanna look like you have a faux tan everyday of the year? Well this is for you! Four customizable shades for the perfect bronzer look. Swatches were done with one swipe.

Review: Man, this was a pretty pricey bronzer I have to say especially for drugstore. I’ve never actually seen this on sale so those who really want to pick it up just be prepared to pay a bit for it. I personally do enjoy how this bronzer was promoting four different shades for all seasons. It’s a great concept and is sure to be  a hit all year round. Unfortunately there are somethings that are not so good about it. The colors are great they aren’t an Oompa-loompa orange so that’s always nice. All the colors are very pigmented but there is glitter throughout the entire product especially in the center with a little anchor like thing it is just shimmer to add to your face. It blends out easily though and the packaging is quite sturdy even though it’s a little too big for my liking it still works. Staying power was around 5-6 hours without any touch ups which is nice. Now for the unfortunate part of this bronzer, the scent. I smells very intensely of fake flowers and it’s not a pleasant scent I could even smell it after I put it on my face. So for those who have sensitive skin the scent can be a bit irritating on the skin. Also the amount of glitter/shimmers put into the product is a bit off putting I love my shimmer but not when it’ll make me look like a glitter bomb. Overall, I think it’s a nice bronzer with a great concept but the scent and shimmer is very off-putting for me. I won’t repurchase but it’s not a bad product per say.

Cost: $21.99CDN @ Shoppers Drug Mart

Would I recommend this product? I would for those who love shimmery bronzers, enjoy floral scents or do not mind scents in their cosmetics. Everyone else who hates shimmer and intense scents I would recommend to stay far far away from this product.

Review: Maybelline Eyestudio Quad in Sunset Seduction

27 Mar

Hello everyone! An everyday quad for me hooray for soft spring shades. I apologize for two of the same types of reviews back to back…

Description: A buttery smooth quad for that seductive gaze. (Does that sound awkward?) Shades are a white with pink shimmers, a light peachy pink, a silver shimmer taupe, and a light taupy brown.

Review: The reviews for Spirited Seas is here and Copper Chic is here if you are curious about them. Of course as stated in the other reviews these shades are very pigmented and are very soft and easy to overblend. I really liked that the white shade in the quad has pink duochrome to it which makes it very unique and special to this quad. Staying power was actually longer for this quad compared to the other two it lasted 5-6 hours without primer and 8 hours and beyond with primer. There was some fading when worn alone but the colors were still visible. Overall, I think this is a great quad for an everyday spring look and am wearing this constantly.

Cost: $8-10 @ various drugstores or supermarkets

Would I recommend this product?