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Review: Maybelline Eyestudio Quad in Sunset Seduction

27 Mar

Hello everyone! An everyday quad for me hooray for soft spring shades. I apologize for two of the same types of reviews back to back…

Description: A buttery smooth quad for that seductive gaze. (Does that sound awkward?) Shades are a white with pink shimmers, a light peachy pink, a silver shimmer taupe, and a light taupy brown.

Review: The reviews for Spirited Seas is here and Copper Chic is here if you are curious about them. Of course as stated in the other reviews these shades are very pigmented and are very soft and easy to overblend. I really liked that the white shade in the quad has pink duochrome to it which makes it very unique and special to this quad. Staying power was actually longer for this quad compared to the other two it lasted 5-6 hours without primer and 8 hours and beyond with primer. There was some fading when worn alone but the colors were still visible. Overall, I think this is a great quad for an everyday spring look and am wearing this constantly.

Cost: $8-10 @ various drugstores or supermarkets

Would I recommend this product?

Review: Maybelline Eyestudio Quad in Copper Chic

27 Mar

Hello everyone! One of the new quads that I purchased from Maybelline this is becoming a regular pick up item.

Description: Four lovely renditions of copper with a buttery smooth texture. The first shade is a champagne/light beige shade, a frost red-tone pink, a bright copper, and a copper toned brown. All swatches were done with one swipe across the hand.

Review: I have reviewed a previous Eyestudio quad in Spirited Seas here and essentially it’s the same type of review but with a different shade. The shadows are extremely pigmented and smooth making them easy to blend on the eye. Sometime it’s a little too easy to blend on the eye and it all blends together to make one ruddy mess but nothing a little eye makeup remover can’t fix. Staying power was alright by themselves it lasted for 3-4 hours while with a primer the full 8 hours and more with a little bit of fading around the 7th hour. Since the shades are very shimmery there is some fall out as well but luckily it doesn’t stick to the face when it falls.  Overall, this selection of shades are great for warmer skintones and I think it’s a great palette that will work in both the warmer and cooler months.

Cost: $8-10CDN @ local drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I would these are great quads for those who seriously love their shimmer.