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31 Jan

Hello everyone! Long time no post. I have to quickly think of an excuse why I was gone for two weeks but it is simplier than that.

I was busy.

Yeah, there was the occasional party but pretty much busy I underestimated the amount of work to be done with three math based courses and two reading courses. That my friend is a heavy load so let’s just add a part-time job with that too.

So with that I think I’ll take a while longer break (just kidding the goal is at least 2 posts a week ^_^).

Excuse me while I drink my Gingerale in peace.

Empties 2012

17 Jan

Hello everyone! So today is an empties post. Do you guys remember finished products from last year? Well I’ve renamed the category (yes it now has it’s own category) and it’s considered empties. Makes it sound so official and awe-inspiring much better than finished products. But anyways, I meant to post this up a while ago but things have been busy (hey at least I post right?).

These are the products that I finished and when I dumped it all out to photograph it for you guys my dad walks in and was like ‘What the hell is all this crap? Throw them away!’. There is a lot as it has accumulated over I would say 3 months. And good riddance it was taking up a lot of space. Not much makeup was finished during this time but lots of body care items (I have a lot of them curse B&BW with their great sales).

There are a lot of Bath & Body Works shower gels and lotions, as well as skincare samples and items such as SpectroGel (my favourite), and the few makeup items were the Too Faced Lip Balm, Physician’s Formula Happy Booster bronzer (review coming up soon) and an ELF Hypershine Lipgloss (can you find it?).

Wonder Girls – The DJ is Mine

16 Jan

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share with you guys one last post for today. I am a HUGE fan of the Wonder Girls but since school has started again I didn’t expect anything coming from the group. But man if you guys haven’t seen it check it out below!

Source: WonderGirls Official Youtube Channel

Review: Joe Fresh Highlighter Quad

16 Jan

Hello everyone! A Christmas present review today I hope that these are still available for purchase at Superstores/Loblaws across the country.

Description: A highlighter quad with four shades of highlighting shades that work with every skintone. The shades are a basic white pearl, a light pink with pearl, golden with pearl, and a bright coral with gold pearl.

Review: I really like this product despite the fact that it is really really hard to open the compact in the morning. It’s good since the product remains fresh on the inside but not good because I have to struggle with it every morning when I use it. The colors are not very pigmented but add a very nice shine to the skin (as a highlighter should) I foresee myself using the gold and bright coral shade more in the summer but technically all these shades can be used around anytime of the year. I especially found that the coral shade is warming to the complexion and works with cool and warm undertones. The creams are creamy and apply well to the skin but wear time isn’t that long only 4 hours then they aren’t seen as well as when you first apply it. They blend easily and just feel very weightless on the skin. Overall, I think that this quad of highlighting goodness is a great pick from the drugstore. Pick it up while you can because it’s apparently a limited edition product from Joe.

Cost: $15CDN @ Real Canadian Superstores/Loblaws

Would I recommend this product? I would it is a great highlighting quad, it’s a great multitasking product and works very well. I foresee myself using it quite a bit (though if I actually do or not we’ll have to see).

Makeup Inflation

16 Jan

Hello everyone! I don’t know if you guys know that I am a business student but I am and we were discussing inflation in class today. I thought deeply about how inflation affects my spending habits and concluded that since I only purchase makeup and sometimes food I don’t really care much about prices and such. But now since work hours are cut once again I am at a point where I have to save money for many things and cannot have as many things as I want to anymore. So with less extra income coming in I have to figure out what sort of financial plan to have when it comes to purchasing makeup and upcoming limited edition collections (MAC I’m looking at you).

This is where inflation comes in so what is inflation? Inflation is defined as an upward movement in the average level of prices. So in terms of makeup the graph would look something like this:

So let’s take for example a MAC eyeshadow refill pan:

In 2007 the price was $13 as of 2010 the price was raised to $14.
The price was just raised a dollar but it makes a difference if you are purchasing a lot at one time (like what I do).

I’d just like to point out that cosmetics is getting even more pricier perhaps one day drugstore makeup won’t even be considered drugstore makeup but mid-priced makeup brands. You as a consumer have power to say when and where to buy products so I would like to mention that I don’t buy makeup that is not on sale (is that bad for me to say?) but I will probably have another post about this.

I hope that this post was informative if there are any other business concepts that I can apply to this blog I’ll make sure to post. And thanks for reading this long post.


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