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Review: Almay Trio fro Hazel Eyes

29 Feb

Hello everyone! A really old eyeshadow review today Almay just redid their entire eyeshadow line so I can’t speak for the quality now but this was their eyeshadow quality before the line-up change.

Description: Swatches were done quite heavily (3 swipes) for the color payoff shown in the photo.

Review: I found that the shades were not as pigmented as I thought they were (it decieved me!). But the shades are very wearable for an everyday look and since they are not so pigmented it is great for days where I don’t want to put effort into my eyeshadow. The powders are actually kind of chalky if you pick up too much a flat shader brush as ideal and using small strokes to pick up the product resulted in not so much fall-out. Packaging is nice clear plastic and the designs on the shadows just make it appealing to me. Overall, not a very good palette so I’m glad it’s gone from the original line their new line products are much more pigmented.

Cost: $3CDN @ London Drugs (this palette style is not sold anymore)

Would I recommend this product? Since this product style is discontinued I won’t recommend nor recommend as it doesn’t exist.

Review: Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Bronzed Brown Eyes

29 Feb

Hello everyone! A Physician’s Formala review today.

Description: 9 shades of bronze for brown eyes. Top three shades (light lavendar, cool-tone gold, milk chocolate bronze) are daytime look, middle three (light gold, mid-tone gold, brown bronze) are daytime smokey, and the last three (dark gold, burgandy, dark chocolate) are nighttime look.

Review: Man are there so many colors to pick and choose from I really dislike the amount of choice that I get with this and it goes the same for any other palette that I purchase but I still keep buying palettes (must be something about getting a deal for amount of eyeshadows I ge lol). Anyways, the shades in this palette is very goldy bronze based and work great as an everyday eyeshadow palette the shades are very warm-toned so cool-toned beauties if you pick up this palette be prepared to spend a little bit more time on your eye makeup. I personally really love this palette and is one of my go-tos in the summer months. The shades are pigmented with a nice sheen there is no glitter shades just shimmer which gives a nice glowy touch to the eyes. Texture is very smooth and blends very well on the lids I did have some fallout when I picked up too much product but that can be easily fixed with a quick tap-off. Packaging is a very sturdy plastic and a flip-top design never had one like this so it takes up some space while waiting to be used on my desk. Overall, I think this is a great palette and though the price is a little steep for drugstore I definately recommend picking this up!

Cost: $12-17CDN @ drugstore and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? If you love your golds and bronze like I do this is the perfect palette to pick up.

Review: Maybelline Eyestudio Mocha Mirage Duo

28 Feb

Hello everyone! Another eyeshadow review today and this is of one of my favourite everyday eyeshadows to reach for.

Description: An everyday duo to just warm your eyes up. Coppery bronze shades is shimmery, and the melange of chocolate brown, light pink, natural pink, and bits of gold are swirled together to create a light brown with pink undertones.

Review: This duo is very pigmented, texture is very smooth and it is easy to blend the shades together. It was this duo that really got me started in mineral eye makeup (thus my recent MAC Mineralized eyeshadow purchases from Naturally). The packaging is a little bulky with it being a chunky box shape but it’s still easy to store. I just love the shades in this duo and I fear I do not use the pink/brown side as much. It still is a greatly loved product in my arsenal of makeup. Overall, I really love this and would love to purchase more shades.

Cost: $6-8CDN @ various drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I would this duo is great as an everyday shade and I would definately repurchase if I didn’t already have like 4 other bronze shades to use.

Review: L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadows

28 Feb

Hello everyone! Sorry for a late night post today but hey it’s something super awesome!

Description: Smooth, creamy eyeshadow that won’t fade, crease and is waterproof. The shades purchased were Hourglass Beige (yellow based beige shimmer) and Forever Pink (light frosty pink with shimmer).

Review: These have been out in Canada for a while but I finally got around to picking them up and testing them out and I’m just going to say that I am impressed. I really like these for quick makeup days and also for days I spend more time of my makeup in the morning. I got two pretty much neutral shades but they are great for an everyday look I sometimes wear Forever Pink and some liner and call it a day it’s that simple and easy. I found that brushes don’t work well with this type of formula it’s a cross between a pressed pigment and loose pigment but feels like a cream eyeshadow (yeah it’s that smooth). A sponge-tip applicator or your finger works best using this. Pigmentation just blows you out of the park it’s really pigmented and there are now matte shades available in the line. It stays on for about 6-8 hours without primer and more than 8 hours when used with a primer. I’ve tested these in the shower and they stay on but if rubbed they will come off. The only quib I have is the packaging it just feels a little awkward to carry around with the square-like base and circle cap. Overall, this is a really great drugstore product I love that drugstores are really stepping up the makeup game.

Cost: $9-13 CDN @ local drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I totally would they work really great and stay on forever! Definately would love to pick up more shades if they weren’t so expensive…

Review: Integrate Eyebrow and Nose Powder

27 Feb

Hello everyone! So a blog post on a really good brow product that I love. I only have two brow products but both will last me for some time but today’s brow product comes from Japan.

Description: An everyday brow product that works well with you. Swatches were done with one swipe.

Review: I reviewed a brow powder before from Clinique (which I hated details here) and this one is much better. The light flesh shade is actually used as a contour on the sides of the nose bridge to imitate/ provide an illusion of a higher nose bridge. The other two shades are used for the brow the golden at the front and the brown at the end (evidently). The powders themselves are very soft and easy to use and I found that the applicator that comes with the compact makes the usage very simple and easy. It is pigmented (as you can tell from the swatch) but blends easily on the brows as in it becomes one with your brows. Packaging is simple but works great and I love how small it is (hooray for not taking up too much space in my makeup storage). Overall, I think this is a great brow powder that will last me for quite some time.

Cost: $15-20USD @ online sites (

Would I recommend this product? I would it is a really great powder for the brows and the fact that the lightest shade can be used as a nose contour makes this a great multitasker. If you dislike the wait time associated with air mail it’s not worth it for you but this is one of my favourites.

Review: Clinique All about Eyes Rich

24 Feb

Hello everyone! It snowed earlier today so I though I would do a review on a moisturizing eye cream.

Description: A cream that diminishes the look of circles, shadows and puffiness it is also refreshingly moisturizing. A regular jar contains 0.5 oz. or 15 mL. The lifetime/how long it will take to go bad is 6 months from the opening date.

Review: When my eyes aren’t feeling up to the task of prying themselves open this sort of helps. But as a moisturizing eye cream I sure think it does it’s job. Packaging is a simple plastic jar and my hands are usually clean so I don’t have to worry about bacteria trying to breed themselves in the pot. The cream is buttery smooth and there is no scent as for the reduced under eyes I can say that it sort of helps (concealer still is needed). It didn’t give me any under eye milia so that was a good bonus. Overall, I think it’s a great eye cream and works well for people of all skintypes.

Cost: $37CDN @ department stores and Sephora

Would I recommend this product?

Sewing Times

24 Feb

Hello everyone! A fun post today since soon it will be the end of my week-long break from school (sigh can’t catch a break). Anyways, I found some fun sewing kits at the Dollar store so I picked some up and just finished one. Man can’t wait to have a bunch of these just staring me down. Downside is that it takes about 3 hours to complete from beginning to end I don’t have that time at school so I guess the other ones I got will have to wait but I’ll show them to you guys once they are completed.