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Winter Wonderland

30 Nov

Winter has come!! I couldn’t resist taking these photos. My friend took one of the photos for me.

The U of A has beautiful places to take photos, thank God I carry my camera with me everywhere. ^_^

Slow day…

30 Nov

Ever get those slow days?? Well today is one of them for me….. a very slow day.
I have 3 classes and each class is like 1 hour each basically but I’m just so tired I totally did not want to do anything today. I have updated my physical book so that I could get the things that I have to do stuck in my head and yeah…. fun times. There are actually things that I can’t put in the book but I can only put online things such as links and stuff. Ahaha try copying links down that would be horrible…. they are so long!

So with my online blog I’ll keep track of what I need to do and update as it goes on. Somedays I actually prefer to type things down then to write it in my book. I’m about a quarter through the physical book and I hope to fill it up all the way. Maybe be the time Spring session starts I’ll be done a book. Heh. Fun times.

Today I decided to travel all the way to Clareview to see what the other stations were like and it was actually quite interesting. The distance between each station got further and further it was really interesting. Though due to that I came to the U at like 9:15 which isn’t bad. Now I know where the LRT goes and how long it would take and such. Yay! I can take the LRT by myself. That is just so positive.

After I get to the U I remembered that Aya booked a room at Cameron library so I’m headed there and I meet Aya coming out she was going to go and meet her friend to give her friend a gift for something… yeah, so we planned to meet later at Garneau lounge and I’ll get to eat Frozen Yogurt her treat! Yay! I know how to get food off of people very well either that or Aya is way to generous.

Talked with Koreen and Gigi before going into Math class, finds out that the teacher moved the due date to Wed for the math assignment but I’ve already handed in mine so I’ll most likely get a very low mark as I had no idea what the heck I was doing for that. We are already prepping for the final exam so there are actually only three things that we focused on which are limits, integrals and …. something else I forgot. But I know that I have to focus on integrals for sure as I have no idea how to work through the questions. Practice, practice, practice!

As for stats I have to study hard to get the later chapters must pull out the cue card study style again… same goes for Chem. I really got to go through the problem sets as well though.

So I went and got sweatpants but I feel so guilty afterwards. So expensive so I decided that when I go to WEM with Quyen I’m not going to get the BodyShop glitters I mean I wouldn’t even use it that much anyways and there is a lot of glitter in the thing. So all I’m going to get at WEM is Jan Pienkowski’s The Nutcracker book because its so pretty. I really do feel so guilty. I wonder how much money I have left in my bank account now. I hope that my RESP from dad comes in soon so that I can pay for the winter semester and get my textbooks.

Well, Aya has officially treated me to late lunch. She got butter chicken so we are sharing because she bought such a big size. >.< And the same goes for frozen yogurt even though it is a medium size. Here is the desserts that I had today then on top of the huge butter chicken and tandoori chicken. $3.25 for a frozen yogurt.

Frozen Yogurt Baklava Middle Eastern dessert.

The desserts were delicious!!

A very long post today I’m afraid that I have lots of free time on my hands that could have been done towards homework. Well, time to actually go and work on homework. Until next time!

Face Structures

30 Nov

There are many different kinds of face structures in the world with lots of combinations but there is seven common facial structures. They are as following

Oval facial structure – This facial structure is considered the ideal facial structure as it is the most symmetrical in appearance. It gives the appearance of balance and symmetry.

Pear-shaped facial structure – This facial structure consists of a narrow forehead, a broad jaw-line and a seemingly wide chin.

Long facial structure – This facial structure consists of a long, narrow face with somewhat hollow looking cheeks.

Square facial structure – This facial structure possess a straight forehead and hairline as well as a seemingly square jaw.

Heart shaped facial structure – This facial structure has a seemingly wide forehead and a narrow chin.

Round facial structure – Not to be mistaken for those individuals with an oval facial structure, this facial structure has both a round hairline and a round chin.

Diamond facial structure – This facial structure has a narrow appearing forehead, wide cheekbones, and a narrow chin.

Source used:



So with this diagram there is more then what was mentioned there are many different combinations of facial structures.

My face structure =


Guess what face structure I have. ^_^

Future Plans

30 Nov


So this is just an update for my future reference.
After my exams are done which is Dec 14 I am planning to make a bunch of videos and post them up on Youtube and other things as well. Some of the videos that I hope to make are How to make your own tinted moisterizer, contouring, makeup looks, cheap holiday gift-wrapping ideas and maybe more but I want to update this blog everyday. As I can’t update my physical book everyday maybe I’ll post up photos of the physical book online as well.

As for the blog I will be able to write in more everytime and maybe one time there will be an essay. ^_^ Things that I plan to do over the winter break is updating my book and blog for sure everyday if I can, reading the samurai traditions textbook and preparing a pop culture and samurai traditions lecture for the upcoming new year, cleaning my room (that will take a day for sure), preparing for my new courses for the winter, finish sewing up the pencil cases that have been waiting since the summer. There will be a lot of sewing for sure, I have to finish everything or else I won’t get it done.

Later, there will be an update on how my day went and maybe a photo or two. I’m glad that I’ve stolen my dad’s Sony camera… maybe when I have a part-time job in the summer I’ll get one.

So that is it on the future plans… doing my best for the finals!!

I miss the blue skies

29 Nov

A look that I was practicing… theme = aquamarine

Blue in your eyes

Items that were used:

Face –

Covergirl Clear Complexion Under-eye Concealer

Joe Fresh Blush in Pink

Maybelline Pure Makeup Foundation in Light 2

Eyes –

Annabelle Cosmetics Snowflake Eyeshadow

Joe Fresh Black Eyeshadow

NYX cosmetics Aquamarine Trio

Lips –

N.Y.C. Lipstick in Petal

Covergirl Wetslicks Lipgloss in Clear Radiance

After I took the makeup off I realized that I forgot mascara!! Ah, well there is always next time. ^_^ I’ll do it again next time and won’t forget. And maybe I should style my hair…