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28 Dec

Wow! It’s been a really long time since I’ve actually posted anything… I totally forgot to take photos of my Christmas presents so I can’t show them sadly. Ah well, I would like to introduce my new boyfriend though. ^_^

Hand-made with love!! Which is kinda why he looks a little weird… making him was quite fun just tiring because my sewing machine doesn’t want to work with me so lots and lots of handsewing… not as fun after a while. But I started on him yesterday and I got him done today. Yay! The pattern said that he would be a medium sized bear and when I look at him now he looks like a large size bear. Haha. I have other things that I have to make over the break or else they won’t ever get done. Other things are his family members… which is another panda bear which is a medium like him and then two small ones; a black and a white one… at least I hope that they are small. ^_^ Papa bear is going to be lonely for a while though… he took up most of my stuffing so I have to go get some more and I need to get the baby cubs eyes.

Other things that I have to finish are Domo-kun’s… and not just one lots of Domo-kun to go around. I semi-finished the seating pillow yesterday I gotta get a sewing machine and sew together the edges so that they look nice instead of edgy and not clean. Still thinking about what to do with the summer dress that my mom gave me… thinking about putting it as a high waist skirt or something like that and then I question how am I going to cut and restructure the thing? Well lots to finish so I’m going to get started. But at least my sewing area is nice and clean now!

Sending out some Love

17 Dec

Slow day today… didn’t go anywhere so that was pretty boring I did basically nothing at home though. Heh… other than watching Inglourious Basterds. That was a pretty interesting movie a little to violent for me but it was ok. Brad Pitts accent was very entertaining.

Fished out the video camera so now I can start making videos and such. I really want to get a DIY tinted moisterizer up on Youtube soon. I was looking around places to go and film it in my room but the lighting is still pretty bad so I’m just going to film at my desk just because it’s easier to have access to lighting which still isn’t the best but it will do for now.

Cutting my bangs today… probably by the end of the week or the beginning of next week I will have a trim for my hair… which is long but I have to go and protect it somehow you know?

Well, I am heading up to Northgate Mall tomorrow and it looks like there isn’t much up there… the only place that I plan to visit is the dollar store and maybe Zellers to see if they have good deals. Then I’m heading off to Kingsway Garden Mall which is on the way back to Southgate so I’ll stop by there to see if I can get a brochure… yeah, I like brochures… I’m going to be putting them into my scrapbook. Yay! I have one for Londonderry, and City Center. So the places that I plan to go to tomorrow is Northgate, Kingsway Garden Mall, Southgate and before going home… London Drugs. Things that I am going to get are… from the dollar store a basket for my hair and skin products, a over the side purse thing and some licorice if possible. At Shoppers I believe that they are having a sale on the Olay Body Wash thingies and I have a coupon for it so I think I will use it. Hooray for coupons! Lets see what else… London Drugs… what the heck was I wanting from there?? Oh yeah, leave-in hair conditioner… I have to have that as my hair is currently going to fall apart due to the wear and tear and the fact that the shampoo does get my hair clean but is rough on the hair follicles and that the conditioner really does nothing for my hair… yeah, leave-in conditioner is a total must have. Also a nail buffing block… it’s cheaper at London Drugs than at Sephora which is great cause that means I can save some money. If I do have some money left over I’m going to head to Superstore to get more Ovation chocolate mint sticks and saving them as my sister ate most of it up and it is pretty yummy. Later times later times. But licorice is a must!! I might buy 2… or 3 depending if I want to carry all that home. Heh.

Oh, I decided against getting the shimmering eyeshadow from the Body Shop as I could always wait for a sale from them so yeah. I’ll wait and get like a few when they have a sale going on for their makeup… always waiting for deals.

So with most of my things planned out all I have to do is remember to buy everything I want tomorrow. All written down yay!

I’m pretty excited for the week to end and for me and Quyen to go shopping on Mon… dollar stores here I come!! So frugal. Heh.

Just an Ordinary Day

15 Dec

As so stated, nothing really exciting happened. I actually planned to go to Northgate Mall but ended up going to City Center because Hue was going to the U and wanted me to show her the place that sells the best frozen yogurt. Well, I got some frozen yogurt so that is positive… next time I’m going to try peach but out of the ones that I have tried I liked (note the past tense) strawberry the best.

When I was at City Center though I found some things that I would totally love to pick up. Mainly one of the Body Shops eyeshadows. It was a shimmering white powder!! I finally found one! And it’s $12 CDN so it ain’t so bad I suppose as compared to MAC ones… which are $17.50 for one and $13 in pan form… pricey but it’s worth it… pigmentation wise is pretty good. Not very sheer like most whites are very positive, so if it is available at the WEM location then I will go and pick some up on the day that I go out to WEM… which is this coming Mon. Yeah, positive.

There is going to be so many things that I want to get at WEM I’m pretty excited so I can’t wait to go. Yay!

Tomorrow, I am going to LUSH on Whyte Ave. though I hope that they open at 10 or something like that… I wouldn’t want to stand outside in the cold for so long… I want to get Grease Lightening for my acne even though currently my acne flare-ups have gone down there is still some wanting to pop up… and I’m still left over from the scars so hopefully it will help. Google Maps is totally your friend.

I am going to meet my brothers girlfriend on Fri and we are going to go shopping on Mon @ WEM with my brother there. Yay! Positive. I’m in the process of making up my shopping list for Mon so I hope to get that all done before going to watch the Xmas themed episode of NCIS!! YAY!!! I love the interacting between Gibbs and Abbey so cool!

Anyways, that will be much of today… it wasn’t as cold as I thought it was today so that is a positive thing… ugh, gotta clean my desk before after it has become a warzone.

The horror is over…

14 Dec

Or so I thought… well at least the exams are over so now I can post up stuff on the blog. Sorry for being away for a while but I’m back now which is great. Got some new things to show and other things as well. I am going to go to Northgate mall tomorrow. So far away!!

Not much to update today. I will just be working on going through the material for the Bushido lecture that I have to read to make my point, going through my old files for the Fall classes and prepping for tomorrows shopping trip to Northgate (I’ll most likely be looking though) and for the U bookstore. New textbooks after going through buyback. Yay! But the plan for tomorrow is to go and see Koreen without her braces. ^_^ And then go travel after selling the textbooks. Textbooks can be really heavy you know?

Anyways, I’m going to go clean and do some laundry. I’m glad to have posted up a post in such a long time.

Long time no post

10 Dec

Hello, a very long time since I posted. Well to me it feels like a long time. Dieing during the exams it reignited my passion of hating exam situations. Ugh, horrible stuff. I really don’t like it at all. Luckily only one more exam left which is positive.

Went on some retail therapy to cool off after taking 3 exams with no breaks. I went to go and check out Londonderry mall… it took a really long time to get over there… then again it was in the north end. I made sure I had a pen just in case something happened.

So I went to a bunch of places which is very very positive. ^_^ Winners, Shoppers Drug Mart, Ardenes, Claire’s… Dollarama can’t forget Dollarama. I didn’t get much as I am on a budget (or trying to). That was at Londonderry but I also went back to Southgate because Londonderry didn’t have any wallets that I liked. Well, technically Claire’s did but I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t put my money like straight across… I had to fold it so that the money would fit in. Though I saw a bunch of stuff that I liked at Claire’s I think whatever I want to get at Claire’s it will be definately part of their younger line. I really like cute stuff. ^_^ I feel like I really connect to myself now.

When I think about it lately I’ve been really into makeup that I completely forget about the other aspects of being beautiful… accessories, hair and hairstyles, clothes. Well to me I wouldn’t wear those often but if I do find something that I like then I’ll wear it for a while. ^_^ I don’t usually wear accessories anymore because they are such a bother to put on and off. Maybe I should wear necklaces… one with my first name? Well, first I’ll save up money for that. But I’m really thinking about going there and going to get their nail polish remover. They have such pretty colors you get a choice of light pink, baby blue, and lavender. To be honest it looks like a MAC brush cleaner bottle. Want one for sure.

Back onto what I actually got today. I got my sister her earring solution at Ardenes, 2 for $1 pepperoni sticks (yum definately going to buy again), other dollarama purchases were Barbie keychain, a frog key holder head, rainbow looking sour belts, and watermelon slices. Lets see what else… at Southgate I only got a new wallet from Bentley. It’s a pretty purple color and if it was placed anywhere I would be sure to spot it. I kinda wished it came in a brighter color but I like the purple color really nice too. And the last place that I went to is Superstore to go and get some Tylenol as Advil just kills your stomach… yeah, I got the 24 pack kind. Did you know that meds don’t expire? After a while they lose their potency but they still work. Heh, I won’t buy new ones until I’m through with the one that I have. I was debating to get either the strong or extra strong and I ended up with extra strong because I usually take some pretty powerful stuff when I do take stuff that is. The other stuff I got from Superstore was a trial size of St Ives Apricot Scrub, and two candy stocking stuffers which is a Kinder Surprise Tree thingie and a Hubba Bubba bubblegum fun book for Christmas. Best part of all of these things was that they were cheaper than the drugs. Ahah, drugs are expensive.

Anyways, I cleaned up my area and hopefully tomorrow I will get started on studying for the math exam on Mon. If Hue wants me to go and get something she’s going to have to wait until Mon after my exam… yeah, staying home tomorrow…

Relax and then prep time. Today is a no study day… yay!!

Cold Day

6 Dec

Very vold day today as I spent most of the time outside waiting for the bus to come so that I could go for the study session at the U today. I was tempted to go and get a hot chocolate but held off. I wore those tight-fitting boots again so it was pretty painful. Spent most of the day studying and travelling as well. Heh, I should say half of my day was spent travelling. Very tired today but I’m about the half-way point through the chemistry textbook. Tomorrow I will attempt to finish it off and if I can’t then I’ll prep for EASIA and run through the notes posted online and try to work through the problem sets. Studying…

Well, time to go to sleep now. Lucky I don’t have to go to the U tomorrow. TY!

Still snowing…

5 Dec

Still snowing… sometimes I curse Alberta weather. This is just way too much snow at once. But I saw interesting things like my neighbor who can’t get out because his front porch is filled with snow. By the time I got home there was like a little hole so that he could get out. I should have taken a picture of it but I forgot to.
Not much today other than the kid’s belt grading, no Viet class, lots of travelling around, and watching the Letter from Iwo Jima. Which was an awesome movie by the way. So I am back to studying….

Darn it all…