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Concept photos

19 Feb

Anyone ever notice concept photos that goes on in the asian pop world?

I just noticed and thing is companies use these concepts to market the pop acts. Interesting…

Let’s take a look at a couple of common concepts.

Sailor/Marine Girl Concept as done by SNSD for their Tell me your wish (Genie) promotions

Cowboy/Wild West Concept by the Brown Eyed Girls for Candyman

School Girl Concept from the recent release of Oh! from SNSD

Dark concept as for T-ara’s new song I go crazy because of you

Tough girl/hip hop concept as usually portrayed by 2NE1’s Fire

What other concepts are out there?

But other than spotting these different concepts today… I did nothing but schoolwork! Hooray for nerds!

Just a heads up from now I’m probably not going to be doing daily updates as school is approaching again and I need to concentrate on my work.