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8 Dec

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share with you a video today just uploaded from Wong Fu Productions. It literally made me cry and I was watching it in the computer labs. The guy next to me was like “Dude are you okay?” but it was a pretty emotional video and the message really hit home for me. Just watch and you’ll understand.

Beautybudget88 – Why girls wear Makeup

25 May

Hello everyone! Just sharing a video today from one of my favourite people to watch on Youtube.

I agree with everything she states in the video but I will be doing a follow up post on this after I ask for some more opinions on this topic. Hope you guys enjoy this video. Katie is soo fun to watch!

20 things before 20

18 May

Hello everyone! So I have a 20 things before 20 list which is a list I compiled of 20 things to do before I turn 20 this September (19 to be specific). I have some time before my birthday so this list is to help me go through things that I would never do if I didn’t have a timeline. So here is my list:

1. Finish my embroidery project.

2. Read Watchmen.

3. Buy an iPad 2… enough said

4. Go to Animethon 18 which is on Aug 5-7 this year. I will be planning to go for only one day I don’t think I can get off work that easily.

5. Finish Wa-loli Kuro outfit. I started this project 3 years ago and have never finished it better late then never right?

6. Obtain a mushroom farm… kinda like this:

7. Pay mum & dad $100 from my first paycheck as well as my brother $100 (cuz I owe him for all the lunches he’s treated me to) and for my little sister $40 (she complains that she doesn’t have money all the time). Hopefully this one will be soon. ^-^

8. Get a library card… since I’m an adult I have to go get my own library card but I’ve just been lazy to go get one… I will get one though.

9. Start Youtube videos… something I’ve been wanting to do since last year but never had courage or time to make videos and put it up. I will do it for sure!!

10. Determine birthday present wishlist. I know that the iPad is on this list for a reason…

11. Determine 2 year financial plan. Since I plan to go to Japan in the upcoming 2 years I have to plan to make sure that I have enough money while travelling and such. Thus this plan… it’s going to take a lot of brain power that’s why I keep putting it aside.

12. Stay a neat freak… yeah this photo really shows how much I need to stay a neat freak.

13. Continue to study Japanese and Chinese. This one I won’t be doing anytime soon until school starts in September. I will be attending a Sat language class in Sept.

14. Try out a different martial arts even if it’s just one class I would like to try something different. Perhaps kung fu?

15. Attemp yoga/pilates. I would really like to try this but I don’t have much money to spend it on a class (financial plan) so I will learn from a book/video from the library (need library card) or Youtube is a great resource as well.

16. Try food from Sbarro, Thai Express, and Taco Bell. I just want to get out of my usual going to McDonalds or Subway to eat. I never try different foods so here are three places great to try out my taste palette.

See full size image

17. Go to a spa. I have never gone to a beauty salon so I would really like to go to one. Perhaps from Eveline Charles.

18. Go on a staycation. I am planning with my brother and sister that we should go to the car museum in Wetaskiwin and possibly the Aviation museum in Alberta. But other things for a staycation is attending Capital X (summer amusement park) and Heritage festival (showcasing different cultures from different countries) as well as Animethon of course.

19. Play Spyro: Ripto’s Rage (PS) and finish Pokemon SoulSilver (DS). I have not finished these games and would really like to for sure.

20. Attempt to make curry flavoured popcorn. I heard about the elusive curry flavoured popcorn and since there is not a big chance to come across curry flavoured popcorn I might as well make it myself.

I will be updating every time I finish an item on the list and there is no set order to complete the list as long as the list is completely finished before I turn 20.

Blast from the Past – Spyro

16 May

Hello everyone! Recently I picked up a video game and was reminded of my childhood.

Well off to play!


6 Jul

Just a short post for today… sorry for not posting much up lately. >.< Finishing off a lot of work as I only have this week and two more days! Huzzah! That and prepping for Vancouver is quite tiresome.

I question asian poses… which I also like to do a lot…

I’ll leave with a light and “educational” video.

Too Young?

24 Jun

Kids these days are getting more and more grown up at a younger age especially when it comes to wearing makeup.

Here is a 6 year old demonstrating a makeup look.

So I gotta ask you when did you start wearing makeup? When is it acceptable to wear makeup?

For me I started wearing makeup at the tender age of 17 just in time for graduation. All that I wore at that time was some powder to blot my face. I really got into makeup during the summer of 2009 (which was after grad…) and it slowly began to pick up. Looking at how much my makeup collection has grown really surprised me. ^_^ I have a greater appreciation for all things beauty related as compared to when I was 15 and scoffed at kids my own age wearing makeup.

I think the perfect time to wear makeup is starting in Jr High and I think just starting off little by little is great. Setting limits on how much your girl can put on. For example Gr 7 they are allowed to wear lipgloss, Gr 8 some mascara, Gr 9 eyeshadow… etc. Building their repitoire slowly allows them to gain self-confidence. ^_^

I spy with my little eye

20 May

A spy video… yup! How to become a CIA agent is a new Howcast video. I thought this was hilarious so I decided to post it. ^_^ Enjoy!