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Short Hiatus

16 Oct

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting but things have picked up at school and I won’t be able to be posting anything for the next two-three weeks. There are things that I have to do and lots of things that need to be taken care of so please don’t think that I’m neglecting my blog. In the meantime I will leave you with a song that I’ve been playing nonstop on repeat.

Project Update: Month 2

5 Aug

Hello everyone! It’s rare that I will update twice in a day but this post is also pretty important as well.

Well it is the second month and I did pretty well this month as well… next month though might not be so good because there is going to be a ton of new Fall collections that will be released at the end of August. >.< At least a majority of the information on the upcoming Fall collections has been released. But anyways, this month I purchased four items from eyeslipsface.com though technically I ordered 7 items. One brush (those don’t count), one item was out of stock so they didn’t send it and one item was for a friend making it only 4 items of makeup for myself. I am really happy with how that worked out. Here are the items!

IMG_0918 IMG_0924

Items: High Definition Powder in Translucent, Flawless Finish Foundation in Buff, Tinted Lip Balm in Nude, and Mineral Lipstick in Rich Raspberry

All of these items I really wanted to try and ELF was having a 50% off sale so I felt compelled to purchase. I haven’t tested out the face products but I have been loving the lip products they are fantastic and I can see why everyone has been raving about them.

For facial masks as you saw in my empties post (HERE) I only actually used one… I will strive to complete more this month.

August is going to be a Lip and Eye product show and tell I took all the photos at the same time but will releasing them throughout the month so don’t be surprised to see a July calendar in the background… I forget to change it when I took the photos. So that is something to look forward to and perhaps in September I will move onto skincare and other beauty products.

So, everything was pretty good this month and I will do my best this month to work on facial masks and not buy too much from the Fall collections… until next time!

Long time no see… again

8 Nov

Hello everyone! Long time no see… once again you can tell that I still haven’t gotten everything together. I got a few updates for you guys which is quite a bit but I’ll get into those in a different post (maybe a new post series?) but this is just to say hello.

Afterall, I COME IN PEACE!!

Site Upgrade

23 Feb

Hello everyone! So have you noticed a new layout for the site? It’s pretty exciting I’ve been thinking about changing it for a while and now that I have a break I can finally put it into motion. The site really hasn’t changed much over the three years that I have been blogging and since most posts nowadays are beauty related I decided to rename it as well. Hope this change will be good for me and for you guys as well.

The name came to me in a dream… I wish it did but since I was born year of the Sheep the sheep is going to be a mascot and since this is a beauty blog it’s a Beauty Sheep. You guys get it? Then after I realized that it could be a play on the words Beauty Sleep… my god it’s mind-blasting!

I’ll be off to type up some more reviews and fun photos but I’ll leave you with the whole picture of the top image.

BTW, you guys like the tagline? I suck at thinking up things like that and that was the first thing that came to mind.

#18 & List update

6 Sep

Hello everyone! How’re y’all doing? For some odd reason accents writings are sort of painful to type down. But I digress. I just wanted to talk to you guys about #18 on my 20 things before 20 list.

If you remember #18 was go on a staycation, well I did just that. I spent a day at the Reynold’s Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin. And I just wanted to share some photos with you of that trip. Of course I took out the ones which contained my family members as to protect their privacy.  So you’ll just have to deal with my ugly mug. ^_^