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Beautiful Day

29 Sep

Hello everyone! Long time no post! University is working me like heck and I got like night classes and an online course to worry about too! So much to do so little time! But I’ll do my best to make time to post up some stuff that is going on in my life. Today’s topic is a beautiful fall day! I took pictures!


21 Sep

Hello everyone! Just a quick post on friends.

In University there isn’t that much time that I have to see my friends or make any new friends while I’m at it you know? Class sizes are too big, the place you sit in doesn’t guarentee that you have the same neighbours, and well there is just too many people!

So moral of the story is that you are your own best friend when it comes to post-secondary.

 Study Hall B everyone studying to studiously… BTW, this is not peak time.


14 Sep

Hello everyone! Long time no post. Today I will show you pictures of my dinner. I totally forgot that I was suppose to save some lunch as I have 6:00 classes at night today. Curse myself for being idiotic but luckily I saw my brother today (it was to choose out a birthday gift for me – 5 days!)and he actually bought me dinner (breadsticks!)! He’s so nice! Anyways here are the photos and I will head off to attempt to find my class.

B2S a.k.a. Back 2 School

8 Sep

Don’t you just hate the dreaded moments of going back to school? I do and excuse me while I take down some notes from the board.

I’m in University 2nd year and if I thought things are going to be the same it ain’t so now that I am back at school hopefully there will be lots of fun things that will happen. 

So since it is the first week us University kids have… drumroll please

This year’s theme is Mario and Friends which is great I absolutely love it! But the activities this year are kinda lacking… not much that I want to go to but there is a movie on Friday night. It’s How to train your Dragon and it’s for FREE!! I am totally going since I have not much time and think movie theatres are expensive to go to.

More school posts will be up and my birthday is in 11 DAYS!! So exciting!

Test Phase

17 Apr

So I just finished one of my exams today which was Nutrition…. yes, we do take exams on Saturdays at University.

But putting that aside I’m going to do another long month before its due review this time’s long-term review product is:

Yup, Bio-oil… it claims to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. Just what I needed! So how you would use this is after your skincare routine you would massage it into the places that need the help and it can be used anywhere on the body. I’m going to try to work it on my acne scars and some stretch marks that I have on my thighs due to puberty… it says to give it at least 3 months… so 3 months later the review for those product will come out…

The amount of time that I use this product kinda reminds me of the Shiseido skincare set that I bought which lasted me 2 months and the review for it will be up soon. It seems I like to do long trials…. anyways, just a quick update. I’m going to go back to studying or watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End…. maybe both of them at the same time… sounds like a good idea.