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B2S a.k.a. Back 2 School

8 Sep

Don’t you just hate the dreaded moments of going back to school? I do and excuse me while I take down some notes from the board.

I’m in University 2nd year and if I thought things are going to be the same it ain’t so now that I am back at school hopefully there will be lots of fun things that will happen. 

So since it is the first week us University kids have… drumroll please

This year’s theme is Mario and Friends which is great I absolutely love it! But the activities this year are kinda lacking… not much that I want to go to but there is a movie on Friday night. It’s How to train your Dragon and it’s for FREE!! I am totally going since I have not much time and think movie theatres are expensive to go to.

More school posts will be up and my birthday is in 11 DAYS!! So exciting!

It’s almost half a month!!

14 Jan

Since I’ve last posted anything online. >.< That makes me feel kinda really bad. Anyways, the new semester has begun for the U and it has been pretty hectic. Things have been going much quicker than they were in the first semester. Got kicked out of the the two chem courses that I was taking and well now I am in a lower chem course and a nutritions course. Interesting stuff.

Anyways, I just wanted to say have you seen these around lately??

Source: http://www.chicprofile.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/OPI-Alice-In-Wonderland-Spring-2010-Collection.jpg

Yes! OPI has an Alice in Wonderland collection and so does Urban Decay…. which is this palette…

Source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_2PFtAoDiztA/SzG8AYeCuLI/AAAAAAAAAik/DFzgNy1ycIM/s400/alice+in+wonderland+1.jpg

Yeah!! Totally excited!!! I haven’t taken any photos yet but I don’t plan to get the palette or two of the colors from the OPI collection. The two colors that I did get yesterday was Absolutely Alice which is a glittering blue with gold glitters in it as well. Awesome color to wear! And the other is Mad as a Hatter which is the purple looking nail polish. It looks purple but in person it’s like a gun-metal grey with puruple hints a really really interesting color. Photos will most likely be up. I’ve only tried Mad as a Hatter and I LOVE it!!! So sparkly and glittery and really well mad!! ^_^
Anyways, putting all that aside I got some new stuff as well but photos probably won’t be up until tomorrow….

Yeah, a lot of stuff I bought in the last 2 weeks I believe….

Anyways, I should really head towards class and look forward to the Biology lecture today.


Cold Day

6 Dec

Very vold day today as I spent most of the time outside waiting for the bus to come so that I could go for the study session at the U today. I was tempted to go and get a hot chocolate but held off. I wore those tight-fitting boots again so it was pretty painful. Spent most of the day studying and travelling as well. Heh, I should say half of my day was spent travelling. Very tired today but I’m about the half-way point through the chemistry textbook. Tomorrow I will attempt to finish it off and if I can’t then I’ll prep for EASIA and run through the notes posted online and try to work through the problem sets. Studying…

Well, time to go to sleep now. Lucky I don’t have to go to the U tomorrow. TY!

Winter Wonderland

30 Nov

Winter has come!! I couldn’t resist taking these photos. My friend took one of the photos for me.

The U of A has beautiful places to take photos, thank God I carry my camera with me everywhere. ^_^