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Various Food Items…

23 Nov

Hello everyone! A food/junk food post today. I’ve finally gotten around to putting these pictures onto my computer so that I could show you guys. The lifespan of these images range from 5 months ago. I don’t think there are any recent pictures of (junk) food I’ve eaten. (mouse over the photos to see some funny captions)

I’ll post up more photos later as there are more I just don’t want to overwhelm the post with soo much food/junk food.

Donut Days

22 Nov

Hello everyone! Sure feels like a while since I posted anything. Well I come back with donuts. Specifically Tim Horton’s donuts. Man I am in love with that place. Anyways here are the photos and if anyone is curious what they are they are a Triple Chocolate Donut (Limited Edition) and a Maple Cream Donut (permanent for us Canadians). Enjoy!