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Review: ELF Studio Blush

22 Dec

Hello everyone! Continuing on with the ELF reviewing marathon.

Description: A pigmented blendable blush with an ease of usage. Shades from left to right (top down) is Berry Merry and Blushing Rose. Berry Merry is a dark berry with brown undertones and golden shimmers, and Blushing Rose is a dark rose withorange undertones and golden shimmers.

Review: Both shades are pigmented as you can tell from the swatches and work very well on my skintone. Texture of the blush is really nice it is smooth and glides onto the skin very easily. The packaging is well done with a mirror (a nice touch but not ideal) and a window so that you can see the shade. I really like how big the pan is it just shows how much more product there is compared to packaging. Overall, these shades work really well I haven’t tried them on other skintones so I don’t know how they will look. But I really like these blushes and would recommend everyone to try them for the price point.

Cost: $3USD from eyeslipsface.com

Would I recommend this product? I would! It’s a pretty good product that is pigmented and the packaging makes it look classy and not something for the price point.