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Review: Maybelline Color Whispers in Who wore it Red-er and Oh La Lilac

28 Feb

Hello everyone! An exciting review for today as I have finally found these lipsticks in the drugstores. I only got to pick up two shades but I’m thinking I need one more shade in my life.

IMG_1403 IMG_1405 IMG_1409 IMG_1451

Description: Shades pictured is 45 Who wore it Red-er (orange-tone bright candy red) and 90 Oh La Lilac (light lavender with pink undertones on the lips)

Review: I have a love for sheer formula lipsticks for everyday usage. These lipsticks are perfect for everyday and I had to purchase some unique shades but the formulation encourages me to use these everyday even though the red is a little glam for an everyday look. As you can tell in the swatch they have a nice shiny finish which looks like you are wearing a pigmented gloss on the lips. These have a tendency to settle into lip lines and cling to dried lip skin which makes it not look as even. They also wear off at the 2 hour mark (without eating or drinking) so reapplication is needed. The texture of these are great they are similar to Revlon Lip Butters but have a smoother glide over the lips. The lipsticks have no scent and is slimmer than the regular line also the packaging is really cute. Overall, a great everyday lip product (provided you purchase everyday shades… unlike me).

Cost: $5-7CDN @ various drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? For those who love sheer lipsticks for a drugstore price yes!


Challenge Yourself

11 Jun

A post that is in both the blog and beauty category. ^_^ That’s a first but anyways as the title suggests this is a post on two challenges for myself.

I have a tendency of buying a lot of makeup but not using it everyday. >.< Bad combination. And the other is to go on play on the internet for hours to the point where my family has called me a hermit. All holed up in my room.

So I am challenging myself to wear makeup everyday for 5 consecutive work days and not go on the internet for a whole week. Yikes! That means that you won’t see me on my blog for a week! By the end of the first day of no internet I’ll be like:

Goodbye internet! Hello world of makeup!

I suggest everyone to challenge themselves too!