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David & Goliath

9 Jun

Hello everyone! I ordered some shirts from David&Goliath for my brother’s birthday present (his birthday is in August… it’s never to early to buy presents) and also picked up two things for myself. I usually don’t show clothing hauls but since these shirts are pretty cool I thought I’d show you.

So the shirts on the left is for my brother and on the right is a shirt and a dress though you can’t tell. ^-^


Link is here: http://www.davidandgoliathtees.com/

Frilly Goodness

17 Aug

Do you ever wish to wear frilly girly clothes like a princess? Clothes like these?

I did and that was how I got introduced into the world of Lolita clothing. I want to wear pretty clothes too! Not clothes like these everyday:

(Like the model pose?)

Well a girl can always dream… or I can make one myself… now that’s a thought.