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Bronze Turquoise Look

8 Nov

Hello everyone!

Man, rediscovering photos that I should have posted up but here is one that I did commonly during the summer and now too. Brights are still popular even in the Fall/Winter makeup trend.

Spring Shoes

21 Mar

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share with you some Spring/Summer shoe ideas. The Nautical theme is back in this year (which is great! I love strips and anchors!) and I’m thinking about purchasing a pair or so. So get inspired because Spring is just around the corner!

Hope you all are having a great day!

Review: Shiseido Sun Compact Powder Foundation SPF35

18 Mar

Hello everyone! It’s almost summertime to time to bring out the sun protection and summery makeup!

Review: Shiseido has come up with something really great for those who hate putting on sunscreen in the mornings (those people being me). This is basically a powder foundation with SPF 35 and it does have decent coverage and is soft and easy to apply. The shade that I got was SP30 and the downfall with this product is the limited shades (currently 4 shades available)and there are no testers available. Another depressing thing about this is that you have to buy the case seperately and in flash photography your face is ghostly white (fantastic!). This also does not keep the oilies at bay throughout the day so I still have to blot and such but it does adapt to my skin oilies and sometimes does produce a nice dewy look to my face.

Price: $35CDN for the powder, and a seperate $9CDN for the case

Would I recommend this product? I would recommend this product for those days that you forget to put on sunscreen and are not planning to partake in any flash photography.

Review: Joe Fresh Blush in Pink

2 Mar

A review as stated above. Here is what the product looks like:

Review: So I picked up the blush because I thought it looked pretty in the pan and the packaging was so modern looking with the plastic and everything. When I first tried on this blush it was actually quite shimmery so I used a little next time and it illuminated my cheeks and overall a really nice highlight blush combination. As you can tell I have hit pan on this blush and I think that it is best to use this type of blush in the winter as it gives your skin this really nice glow. I found that it works nice in the summer as well I like to wear powder blushes in the summer just cause cream blushes tend to melt off my face due to the heat. The pigmentation isn’t that bad it isn’t overly sheer nor is it like heavy pigmentation something in between so just one or two swipes across your face will leave it with a nice pink color on your cheeks. As for the texture of the blush it is a nice powdery feel that just glides over your skin the powder is finely milled so there are no inconsistencies. Overall, I really liked this blush and would definately repurchase it.

Cost: $6.00CDN

Would you recommend this product to others? I totally would! Don’t be taken aback by the shimmers that this blush has and with just a $6CDN pricetag it is one of the cheaper and nice blushs you’ll ever try!