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Stereotyping Modern Kids

13 Aug

Hello everyone! Ever heard of adults stereotyping kids?

Adults stereotype children as being good at technology and I agree with the stereotype a bit but it aggrevates me at the same time. One of my cousins was wondering why I couldn’t work an iPhone and was like ”I thought you younger ones are suppose to be good at technology”. After my cousin said that I was thinking ‘Well if I don’t have the money to buy those new products and technology I wouldn’t be good at it right?’

What are your thoughts on this imposed stereotype?


23 Mar

So I went to:

 to get some shorts and these were the shorts that I got.

Of course being asian I have to save some sort of money or else why would I buy these?

 I don’t think you can tell how much I saved so here is the general breakdown:

Initial cost: $24.50CDN (yeah for a pair of shorts I’ve paid for cheaper!)

Store discount: reduced to $16.00CDN (still expensive I thought luckily I have asianer ways of getting it cheaper)

Coupon = 30% off

So the grand total that I paid for these shorts is $11.76CDN!! Hooray! In total I saved $13.30CDN!!

I kinda felt sorry for the sales associate I bet she was rolling her eyeballs thinking ‘man this person is so asian’.

So that is it for todays post… as I said before I will do a collective haul of what I have hauled this month at the end of this month… I wonder if I should include the shorts or not… hmmmmm gotta think deep and hard about it.