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Spring is here!

18 Feb

I took a bunch of photos today… well I don’t know if it’s considered a lot but it a lot to me?? Either way here they are…

The stairs that I had to climb this morning… x8 = 94 stairs (yes that is exact) and a common sight that we all know and see everywhere. Anyone want to guess?


Yes. there were dandelions on the ground… taped… darn we can’t get rid of them so easily.

Since it’s spring what is spring preparation without a little Spring cleaning? So in order for me to do that I ended up going to get some organizational items and ended up with so much more.

 So the stuff that I bought as you can tell is a panda garbage can, razors, soap from Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Clay mask from Botanics, a kid-proof lighter, Oh Henry!, 2 pepperoni sticks, EOS shaving lotion, organizational holders, Got2B Guardian Angel Heat Protectorant, Botanics Skin Brightening Cleanser, and a PC Blue Menu Blueberry and Acai Smoothie. Yup, lots of stuff. I’m going to do a review on the Smoothie later when I drink it with the rest of my family. ^_^

That is basically it for today… going to do a bunch more work mainly Chemistry and watching Youtube videos but yeah, until next time.

Trespassors stop!

4 Feb

Been through plenty of places on campus today… lots of stairs and walking… very active today. The first few things that I did today was attend a job fair so that I can score myself a summer job. I want to work a lot this summer to get the finances to go to Korea next summer. ^_^ I’ll do my best to get to that goal! Lots of interesting jobs out there.

Classes were interesting as usual and in the end I ended up looking at homework right after. Got a bunch of nutrition done, re-learning about the digestive system and how food gets digested. That and I have decided to get some soaps from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company. I love their Lip butter which is a great moisterizer and I have decided on four soaps. They are the Citrus Soother Soap, Avocado Facial Soap, Grapefruits Soap, and the Green Tea and Cucumber soap. Here’s a photo of one of the soaps.

 I hope that they are very cleansing and smell nice. ^_^ Glad that they are a lot cheaper than LUSH soaps. Two thumbs up for that only $4.99 while LUSH is like $10+ per soap.

I stayed behind and watched the film Toxic Trespass and it was an eye-opener! Made me feel like I was really sucking in so many environmental factors such as mercury and even pesticides. From 1 million tonnes of toxins in the air 10 years ago to over 400 million tonnes of toxins in the air now. O.O!!! SHOCKING!!!

Other then that… I will end today’s post with photos of art on campus.


I hope that everyone had an interesting day as well. ^_^