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Life will get better…

9 Jan

Hello everyone! Long time no blog but it is I suppose expected? I have some news to share with you guys and it’s not really all that happy… well there is one happy thing I suppose.

First off, on Dec 29 my grandmother died peacefully in her sleep. It just breaks my heart that my grandmother died and I wasn’t there by her side because of work. Work shouldn’t get in the way of life; it really shouldn’t but for me it prevented me from seeing my grandmother for the last time while she was alive. My mom told me at the funeral that I should smile and see her off without any tears as tears would just prevent her spirit from going to heaven but I couldn’t help it you know? I cried when she was placed in the casket and I cried when it was time to close the casket (both took place on different days). Even now I don’t think that I am prepared to just really let go but I know that she is in a better place now. I will always miss my (short) conversations with her but I am thankful that I got to meet her and appreciate her for just being there. My smile won’t return quickly but time will help it heal.

I am thankful that I do have a blog in which I can express my feelings and opinions without being criticized for being who I am.

So thank you all to those who accidentally stumble on my blog, to those who are subscribed to my blog, to those who actually read my posts because every single view, comment, or subscriber really does make my day.

P.S. On a happier note I got a letter from the chair of First Year students for the Business program that I am in stating that I had an above 80% average and to keep up the good work. Above 80% I’ve never gotten above 80% while I was at University so I guess college is a good thing going for me.

SNSD Run Devil Run

18 Mar

New music out from SNSD but I’m sure everyone knows about it already. Title track is called Run Devil Run I like it it’s interesting. Promo photo:

The MV itself:

Note: This is just the dance version of the song… the story line MV will be out soon I hope I want to see Black Soshi!

Special thanks to AllKpop and CodeMonmonSeason3.