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Short Hiatus

16 Oct

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting but things have picked up at school and I won’t be able to be posting anything for the next two-three weeks. There are things that I have to do and lots of things that need to be taken care of so please don’t think that I’m neglecting my blog. In the meantime I will leave you with a song that I’ve been playing nonstop on repeat.

So lonely

13 May

Hello everyone! A new song from 2NE1 is out and well it’s pretty good. Old classic with not many instruments and just the focus on the voices is great. Very different from what you hear nowadays in the Korean music scene. Anyways, here’s the MV from Youtube currently has 2 million views so feel free to add more views.

Tok Tok

14 Mar

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share a great feel-good song with you all. It’s in Korean by hip hop duo Mighty Mouth title: Tok Tok. Enjoy!

Gummy Comeback

9 May

I don’t have much to report today other than watching Gummy’s comebacks on the music shows this week. Here is Music Core’s comeback stage. The songs are “There is no love” and “Because you are a Man”.

Made me fall back in love with Gummy again. Such a great singer!

Let’s Dance to this Song!

26 Apr

I come back home and I see this!

I’m so excited!! I love KevJumba and Wong Fu Production and David Choi!! To think that they are collabing again… so excited!! I got the song off of iTunes. Support these guys because they are soooo awesome and I’m going to start dancing to this song. ^_^

Excited for the MV!