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6 Jul

Just a short post for today… sorry for not posting much up lately. >.< Finishing off a lot of work as I only have this week and two more days! Huzzah! That and prepping for Vancouver is quite tiresome.

I question asian poses… which I also like to do a lot…

I’ll leave with a light and “educational” video.


17 Feb

Another day = lots of things to do so I’m going to make today’s post a short one as I spent too much time on the other post that I posted up this morning.

I am cleaning out stuff on my laptop and thus the discovery of two photos that I would like to share. Shocking! I wonder what sort of photos?


As I thought they were last year’s Halloween photos. ^_^ The first one is a doll that is why my hair is all funky it’s great and the second ones concept is an asian Barbie. I had to make it dramatic with the bright pink lips. ^_^

Discovery days sure are fun. This is it for today doing a lot of sewing and such in preparation for Soba Bowl. Excited!

Snack day

5 Feb

I ate a bunch of snacks today… must have been because I was bored… anyways…

 A watermelon slice! Yummy stuff!

But anyways, my horoscope today said that I was going to be productive or not today. I am going to be productive today… RAWR! Going to go be productive! Today is a short post… sorry. >.<