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Review: GOSH Cover Me Up Makeup Mousse

26 Mar

Hello everyone! I think this is the first UK based cosmetics companies that I have tried. Exciting stuff!


Description: A moisturizing foundation with Jojoba and Vitamin E for a silky soft, light and long-lasting look. 04 Champagne was purchased and is discontinued in Canada.

Review: Now before you mention anything I know that the shade is currently too dark for my skintone and that is very true. I purchased this only because it was on sale and I wanted to find out what the texture was like. Since it currently is too dark I use it as a bronzer since it would be wasteful of my money to just toss the product just to see what sort of texture it has. Now despite how orange it looks it looks quite natural on the skin as long as I use a translucent powder (the powder seems to lighten up the shade a bit). Unfortunately it oxidizes around the 3 hour mark and leaves your face looking very orange. That is not attractive at all and considering how little I use it will last me eons to use. Perhaps in the summer when I am tanner and put on a really good mattifying primer will the foundation stay on and not oxidize. But until then this is just being used as a bronzer. Putting a few of the negatives aside I really like the consistency of this product it kind of reminds me of a mousse dessert that you would get at high end restaurants. You know the ones where it looks really light and fluffy but is super dense and filled with extreme flavoury goodness. Pigmentation is quite good it gets a bit of color on the skin but smooths out very well over the skin. The packaging is a simple screw on lid with actually a cover but I took that out because it started to annoy me after a while. Overall, I think it’s a good product concept just not what I need for my skin.

Cost: $5.99CDN @ Shopper Drug Mart

Would I recommend this product? Unfortunately since this is discontinued in Canada there is no place for me to recommend you to try for Canadians but it is still available overseas. This is a nice product just make sure to pick up your perfect shade.

Review: Essence Mono Eyeshadow in Party All Night

23 Mar

Hello everyone! An affordable beauty item today hopefully you’ll be able to find it near you.

Description: An intense shimmer bronze for those great nights out. Swatch was done with one swipe.

Review: I have to start off to say that I’ve only seen this brand at Shoppers Drug Mart so you can only find these items there. Best part it’s a really good price for those who shop at Shoppers since the only cheap brand they carry is Bonnebell. I have to say that I really like the clear plastic see-through packaging it doesn’t feel cheap and there is quite a bit of weight to it. It’s easy to hold while applying the eyeshadow so great size for sure. The shadow itself is nicely pigmented with a very smooth feel across the eyelid. Despite how shimmer packed it looks it goes on with high pigmentation and is a breeze to blend as well. It’s a great formula to work with and I feel is almost on par with MAC eyeshadows (veluxe finish buttery-ness). Overall, I think that this is a great everyday shadow and will definately repurchase once I run out (if I run out).

Cost: $2.49CDN @ Shoppers Drug Mart

Would I recommend this product? Yes! It is a great eyeshadow for such a great price.

Review: L’Oreal Magic Souffle Blush in Cherubic

14 Mar

Hello everyone! Spring is here so that means… cream blushes!!

Description: Light-weight, fluffy blendable blush for your angelic face. Shade 842 Cherubic is a light brown based pink with no shimmers. Swatches were done with a light touch to the product.

Review: I have a definitive love for cream products and I couldn’t resist this when I saw it the entire souffle blush line just screams Spring to me. Of course, I wanted to pick up more but I just stuck to a shade that I would use on a daily basis and Cherubic was chosen. The packaging is very bulky it is a glass jar with a plastic lid but since it is mainly glass it is quite heavy. The texture is this is very interesting it is very smooth and airy and while applying on the skin it has a silicon-like feeling. It is easy to blend and the pigmentation is really great this is going to last for ages. Wear time is around 5-6 hours more if I put powder blush on top. Overall, I think that this is a really great blush to wear on an everyday basis.

Cost: $17.99CDN @ Shoppers Drug Mart

Would I recommend this product? I totally would it is a great cream product and wears all day pick this up as soon as you can it’s great.

Review: Quo Summer Fantasy Palette – Beautiful

10 Jun

Hello everyone! So finally I get around to review this palette. There are two other variations of this palette the only thing that varies between the palettes are the eyeshadow colors. The other palettes are called Fame and Celebrity.

 (5th swatch in is the blush blended together)

Review: Beautiful really is… pretty (thought I was going to type beautiful didn’t you?). It has pretty shades that are workable for any skintone and the feel of these are sooo soft and silky it’s great. Pigmentation is so-so it’s not the most pigmented product out there but it’s good as you can build up the color as needed. There is no scent from these and lasts for about a regular workday so 6-8 hours. For the eyeshadow best to use primer underneath as it can slip and slide as the shades are just super silky. Overall a pretty great travel palette but I wish instead of two spongetip applicators I would like a brush and maybe an applicator.

Cost: $20CDN exclusively @ Shoppers Drug Mart Limited Release

Would I recommend this product? I would totally recommend this palette and it’s pretty multi-talented and perfect for travelling around.

Makeup Collection: Spring 2011

8 Dec

Hello everyone! It feels that it’s been a very long time since my last beauty posts but anyways, I was browsing Shoppers Drug Mart the other day and noticed that they got the Spring collection from some places in already.  So I just snapped a few pictures… no one noticed…

So I hoped you enjoyed the spam of photos from playing with them a little I will most like just end up picking up Maybelline Smooth Mousse Foundation, Revlon WaterMineral Foundation, and maybe a Covergirl Natural Lipstick/balm. And I apologize for not so great pictures… I didn’t want to be caught…

Anyone else seen these in stores?

For anyone curious Muse has a review for the Almay powder foundation (thus my decision in not buying it) Check it here: http://www.musingsofamuse.com/2010/12/almay-wake-up-hydrating-makeup-review-swatches-photos.html

October Stuffies

15 Oct

Hello everyone! I’ve been putting off this post for a while. It’s a bunch of items that I have purchased lately… Christmas stuff unfortunately isn’t included because if it was it would take more than one photo and I’m lazy to present Christmas stuff nicely. ^_^ Anyways here we go! Most of the stuff purchases was from the 20x the points at Shoppers Drug Mart so most of the makeup products were bought at the same time (and they were on sale too!).

As you can see a bunch of masks (1 face, 2 hair), Nivea Lip Balms, 2 Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks (Nude Delight, Vintage Pink), 3 Covergirl Trios (Dance Party, Shimmering Sands, Firecracker) and Lipstick (It’s your Mauve -matte finish not my favourite), Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Foundation in Nude, Cucumber Eye gels, Joe Fresh Blush (Hydrangea), the Body Shop Tea tree facial wash, tea tree oil, tea tree concealer, and Vitamin C microdermabrasion tube.

Wow that sure looks like a lot… I hope to use them and give them lots of love. ^_^

Beauty Intro: Quo Cosmetics

14 Jul

Introducing another Canadian cosmetics brand! Hooray for Canada! This line is exclusive to Shoppers Drug mart and the pricing is mid-tone range (just like Physician’s Formula). I like some of the products from this line and they even have brushes available. A statement from the line:

“Quo is a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive line of colour cosmetics and cosmetic accessories. All Quo products are developed from an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation that consistently delivers a contemporary core assortment and the must have colours products for the season.”

 A promo for a previos fall collection:

For more information on what products are available please visit: