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Hello again…

23 Apr

Hello everyone! Shocking that I have not posted for quite some time right. It’s scandalous!!


So I just wanted to post that I am back I just had a bunch of exams (back-to-back kind ugh) and my laptop was again compromised. It took a trip to:

Los Angeles with my sister. She needed it to write stuff and the entire time I was wishing I had a desktop computer (which I will get one… in Aug). Anyways, I hope to be posting at the regular scheduled time intervals of Mon, Wed, and Fri perhaps more since I don’t have school anymore (just one more exam on Tues). Hope everyone is having a good day and a great long weekend!

Uppity Up

21 Apr

So I’m back to blogging… hooray!!

Back and there is a TON of stuff to do!! So shocking! So the posts that will be coming up is:

Thurs – Review: Shiseido Pureness Set

Fri – United Foods (video)

Sat – Skincare Update (requested)

So that is the plan for the next few days and yes, on Fri there will be an actual video of myself posted up on this site. I’m going to test drive the video function on WordPress to see how long it takes and such.

Signing out! Going to study some Japanese which is the last exam that I have. Woohoo!

Today’s Photo of the Day is:

Hence, today’s title. Have a great day everyone!

Gone for Good??!!

25 Feb

After a long day at school I come home to a happy place… allkpop… little did I know this guy was all over the page.

 Park Jaebeom

He’s…. he’s….. I can’t even say it… he’s gone for good! Now my love for 2PM has dwindled… to me Jaebeom held a special place in my heart. He was the only reason I began liking and enjoying 2PM’s performances but now that he’s officially gone…. I’m sorry I don’t think I can support 2PM anymore.

For those lost on the reasoning behind his leave… please check out the full story at Allkpop.com….

So shocked… I have nothing more to say…