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Review: Etude House Moisturizing Sleeping Pack

30 May

Hello everyone! A skincare review today and this is a great product for those who don’t want to deal with sheet masks and waiting for masks to dry in general.

IMG_1568 IMG_1569 IMG_1571

Description: A face mask meant to be used overnight this is the moisturizing meant to plump up and penetrate deeply to leave skin extremely moisturized in the morning.

Review: First off I think I should explain the concept of sleeping packs. They are essentially masks without having to wait for the essence to penetrate into the skin like with a typical sheet mask nor do you have to wait for the product to dry or wait a set amount of time to wash off an applied face mask. Essentially a mask that you can sleep on overnight and wake up to beautiful results in the morning. Etude House has three types available for purchase, obviously I got the moisturizing one and the other two are a pore/oil-control pack and a brightening pack. The texture is a light gel which is transparent and gives that skin a jelly-like glow when you first apply and even though it seems like the product just sits on the skin it doesn’t travel off your face to your pillows or blankets. In the morning my skin definitely feels moisturized and it looks a little brighter and healthy. There is a slight scent but it is just slightly noticeable but those who are sensitive just be aware that it may smell a bit fruity-floral while using this product. Overall, a great product that is easy to use and works great I can’t wait to try some other sleeping packs that Korea has to offer.

Cost: $10-15 CDN @ ebay.ca (various sellers)

Would I recommend this product? Yes, this is a great way to get the benefits of a sleeping mask without having to wait for it to dry and works great!

Review: Revlon Photoready Eye Brightener + Primer

15 May

Hello everyone! I’ve had this in my collection for some time but have added it to my “To finish even if it means death” product list and this review will tell you why.

IMG_1546 IMG_1547 IMG_1550

Description: An eye brightener and eyeshadow primer all in one with a universal shade that fits every skintone.

Review: This product comes in an interesting twist-click pen applicator and goes on smoothly over the skin. The texture is very smooth light lotion feeling and there are no shimmers or glitters in this product. Sadly I do not think that pink suits every skin tone especially those with yellow undertones. I find that this didn’t do much for my skin in terms of brightening it just kind of blended in and wasn’t brightening at all. As an eye primer it didn’t do much either applying eye shadows on top didn’t appear brighter or stay on longer. This is a nice product to smooth over the eye but sadly since it does nothing it adds product gunk on the eye. One of the good thing about this product was the packaging it makes it easy not to over apply and is pretty hygienic.  Overall, not a great product so I wouldn’t recommend this product for anyone.

Cost: $9-13CDN @ local drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? No, because it does not do what it claims don’t waste your money on this it is not worth the high price.

Review: MAC Baking Beauties

19 Apr

Hello everyone! Another collection from MAC has been released they are on a roll for so many collections releasing this year. Just week after week of collections whew it’s hard to keep up. I only picked up two items from this collection but I expect to use them both like crazy!

IMG_1597 IMG_1600 IMG_1603

Description: Lavender Whip – pastel lavender shade (Cremesheen finish), Éclair Prolongwear Paint Pot – chocolate brown with shimmer

Review: Let’s start off with Lavender Whip since it is a pretty popular lipstick shade when it was released out a while ago. I have to say that it is unlike any lavender shades that I currently own in my collection. This has a tendency to lean a bit more cooler pink than a true lavender on the lips. Cremesheen finishes are one of my favourites and as usual lasting power is 2-3 hours but a touch-up is no big deal. This has the signature MAC vanilla scent that all their lipsticks have and this did not leave behind a stain on my lips nor did it migrate around. This particular lipstick shade may look a little daunting but it is an easily workable shade of lavender. It can be a full on lavender lip or sheered out for a light purple tinged lips that lean cool-pink.

As for Éclair Prolongwear Paint Pot it has a texture that I was not familiar with it was a bit hard but was still smooth and creamy to apply. After applying it on my eye it set very quickly (about a minute) so I didn’t have a lot of time to blend it out nicely but it does work nice as a base for powder eyeshadow or even by itself it works great. The shade is a boring everyday shade but I will be able to get a lot of usage out of it. Staying power is a full 8 hours without creasing which is a great feature for cream eyeshadows. Pigmentation is great as you can tell in the swatch.

Cost: $18CDN for lipstick, $22CDN for Paintpot @ maccosmetics.ca or at The Bay or free-standing stores

Would I recommend these products? I would recommend both as they are great products that are nice pastels for Spring and everyday cream eyeshadow.

Review: MAC In Extra Dimension

15 Apr

Hello everyone! So MAC has released a few limited edition collections this month and surprisingly I only picked up one item from this collection and I’m getting the 2nd collection item sometime next week.

IMG_1572 IMG_1574 IMG_1573IMG_1575

Description: Bright shimmering lime-green eye shadow. It comes with 2grams/0.07 US Oz.

Review: This is the third time MAC has released the Extra Dimension formula in the market (first time last year in Mar and Nov for the holiday) and this is exciting as the Extra Dimension formula is one of the best formulations that MAC has to offer for those who love their metallic shine. Personally I love a little Extra Dimension in my life but not too often so these have a special place in my heart for those I want glitter on my eyes but not real glitter because they are a pain to apply. It’s an Extra Dimension day! The formulation is very smooth and pigmented and Zestful is such a fun shade. I have worn this by itself and it really lit up my eyes and it works well as a layering eye shadow to brighten the base shade. Wear time was typical for an eye shadow 6 hours without primer and 8 hours with primer I love that the metallic effect stays on the entire time and doesn’t fade. All the Extra Dimension products have a strange plastic scent to me but I’m glad my skin doesn’t smell it. Overall, I love the formulation and would purchase more if only it wasn’t so expensive per eye shadow.

Cost: $25CDN @ maccosmetics.ca, and MAC stores/counters in the Bay

Would I recommend this product? This is a lovely eye shadow shade that is a multi-tasker and I think would work great with all kinds of skin tones. If only the shade and formula were available year-round and not limited edition.

Review: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

13 Mar

Hello everyone! A bronzer review today hooray for the upcoming Spring and Summer season.

Description: For the most delicious sunny glow to your face add a little Chocolate Soleil into your life.  A matte brown with warm undertones it even smells like chocolate!

Review: I have to start off mentioning the packaging my gosh it is very intricate and totally gorgeous. It really adds a sense of class to the product. There is an interesting smell to this it does smell like chocolate but not a true chocolate smell it’s very artificial sort of chocolate scent. The packaging is a nice size (similar size to MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinishes) and is a nice weight. Onto the actual product itself it is a matte which is great so it can work as a contour shade or a nice sunny glow to the face. Based on the swatch seen above it is pigmented but can be sheered out easily even though it is a matte it adds a really nice glow to the face. The powder is finely milled and smooths easily over the skin making it easy to buff out the shade. Is it worth the $36CDN I paid for it I believe so it will last me quite some time but probably won’t repurchase. Overall, this is a really great bronzer for everyday usage in all seasons but the price tag is a little bit ouch.

Cost: $29USD/$36CDN @ Sephora or toofaced.com

Would I recommend this product? If you got money to spare this is a great bronzer for all seasons.

Review: Etude House Dream-on Loose Powder

2 Mar

Hello everyone! An Etude House post today I’ve been neglecting my loose powder from Project 10 Pan and have been using this one. No reason why I just am…


Description: The loose powder of your dreams. A translucent shade powder made to set makeup.

Review: I really like this powder and the pretty packaging helps earn lots of point in my book too. I mean look at all in intricate designs on the top of the lid. Etude House packaging always seems to work its way into my heart. Anyways, the powder is translucent (of course); it is finely milled so the powder just glides across your face. Now as for the wear time I find that this at times helps keep my face oil-free for about 2 extra hours on top of the foundation wear time. Though if I wear a primer underneath my foundation and powder it will last longer. There is a light floral scent with this and goes away after applying the powder. Overall, I really like this powder and works great if only I didn’t have to wait for it everytime…

Cost: $14-16CDN @ online sites (eBay) *Note: The price includes shipping fees.

Would I recommend this product? I would, this is a great setting powder but if only you didn’t have to wait for air mail time and the large size of the powder.

Review: Benefit Trio – Benetint, Posietint, High Beam

17 Feb

Hello everyone! A sample set that I got from Sephora I am now finally reviewing. It’ll be done altogether so that it makes my life a little easier.

Description: A trio of Benefit’s best selling cheek and lip stains. Benetint a red liquid stain, Posietint a light pink liquid/cream stain, and High beam is a silver pink based highlighting cream. All were swatched with one swipe.

Review: Benefit is known for creating really great face products and I’m curious about other products that are in their line. The packaging is nice, it’s in nail polish style and can make putting on products more accurate than with a brush or just fingers. I can’t get over the fact that when you are close to finishing the product there still will be some left at the bottom of the container. And the cincher is that you have absolutely no way to get all the leftover product leaving money to waste. But it’s not like Benefit will change their packaging but a pet peeve of mine.
I’ve never worked with a liquid cheek stain before so this was an interesting experience. Benetint is a liquid cheek stain so I had some difficulties first while applying it but found that doing one cheek at a time helped getting the right amount of product that I wanted. It gives a very natural flush to the cheeks and lasted all day (a full 8 hours and more) with little product wearing away. I really like it but I’m not planning to purchase it due to the fact that it stains my fingers when I blend it. -.-‘
Posietint is very similar to a liquid cream blush it’s thicker than Benetint and is a bit more pigmented. I personally think that it looks like a thickened version of strawberry milk. But still blends easier on the cheeks and just gives a really nice flush to the cheeks. I have acne scars left on my cheeks but it didn’t emphasize them at all (a nice plus) and the staying power is a little less than Benetint only around the 8 hour mark there is a bit of fading but it’s still noticeable. This one also stains the fingers but not as much as Benetint.
For both Benetint and Posietint both can be used on the lips and I found that Benetint works better than Posietint on the lips. Benetint stays on for quite sometime without fading while Posietint did nothing on the lips ( I think it just blended itself in with your lip pigmentation). Both are VERY drying on the lips though so I don’t use them on the lips that often but it’s a nice option to have.
High beam does not work with my skintone sadly. It’s shows up very silvery and to my skin it just doesn’t look very natural. I found that High beam was very goopy compared to Posietint and Benetint and it just was something I probably won’t be purchasing at all. If you have yellow/olive skintones I would not recommend this as it just doesn’t match with your skintone but clashes with it (could be the pinky undertone). Though as a brow highlighter it isn’t as obnoxious as it is on the cheeks. Blendability is great it just blends a lot easier than both Posietint and Benetint (could be because of the texture).
Overall, these are great but I won’t be purchasing full-sized products due to the packaging but I am really glad that I got to try out the sample sizes before commiting to full-sized products.

Cost: $12CDN @ sephora.com

Would I recommend this product? For those who are curious about Benefit’s best seller go right ahead the price is right for a set of three and the sample just lasts forever!