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Snowman Sled

23 Dec

Hello everyone! Today is Christmas Arts and Crafts for me and I made this:

For more information on how to make one yourself please check out the link here:


BTW, the answer for the other day’s bubble tea taste is green apple green tea (one of my favourites!)

Rocking 2: T-ara

30 Jun

A secondary entry into this category… I should update it more often. But here is who I have been rocking to recently.

T-ara (Tiara however you want to pronounce it) the Absolute First Album. This is actually a pretty good album I couldn’t believed that I missed out on this when it first released in Dec 27, 2009. (O.O) Really missed out on it the first round.


1 One&One
2 처음처럼/Like The First Time
3 Bo Peep Bo Peep
4 Tic Tic Toc
5 Bye Bye
6 Apple Is A
7 Falling U
8 Say Good Bye
9 Lies (Dance Ver.)
10 T.T.L (Time To Love)
11 Lies (Slow Ver.)
12 TTL Listen.2
13 Good Person
14 Wanna Play?

Favourites from this album is Falling U and Good Person… I question why I like ballads so much. (^_^)

On the Look out: Mar 28, 2010

21 Mar

So this is a product look out that I’m putting up. I’m planning to get this and it is…..

The NEW Nintendo DSi XL!

This is the UK versions… comes in the described as burgandy, white, and bronze. Currently the bronze and burgandy are available in America.

This is a future planning purchase because I have an original DS Lite which still works great and has a bunch of scratch marks from the stylus (going to replace that screen soon though). I don’t like the color selection so I’m going to wait until they come out with some other colors and then I’ll go and get it.

BTW, coming out Mar 28, 2010 in Canada and retails for $199.99CDN.

SNSD Run Devil Run

18 Mar

New music out from SNSD but I’m sure everyone knows about it already. Title track is called Run Devil Run I like it it’s interesting. Promo photo:

The MV itself:

Note: This is just the dance version of the song… the story line MV will be out soon I hope I want to see Black Soshi!

Special thanks to AllKpop and CodeMonmonSeason3.