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Old School R&B Asian Style

16 Mar

Hello everyone! Sorry that I am posting another song for you to listen to but it’s the only thing that I can do for now. Computer is still in the midst of getting fixed and such but it won’t be long before it comes back. I’m pretty excited for it. Anyways, the topic today is old school R&B songs that I’ve been recently playing in my head (mainly Boyz II Men they are awesome!!) and best part is that TVXQ has released one of those old school R&B songs. Check it!

This is off the repackaged album of Keep your Head Down.

Gummy Comeback

9 May

I don’t have much to report today other than watching Gummy’s comebacks on the music shows this week. Here is Music Core’s comeback stage. The songs are “There is no love” and “Because you are a Man”.

Made me fall back in love with Gummy again. Such a great singer!