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Review: GOSH Cover Me Up Makeup Mousse

26 Mar

Hello everyone! I think this is the first UK based cosmetics companies that I have tried. Exciting stuff!


Description: A moisturizing foundation with Jojoba and Vitamin E for a silky soft, light and long-lasting look. 04 Champagne was purchased and is discontinued in Canada.

Review: Now before you mention anything I know that the shade is currently too dark for my skintone and that is very true. I purchased this only because it was on sale and I wanted to find out what the texture was like. Since it currently is too dark I use it as a bronzer since it would be wasteful of my money to just toss the product just to see what sort of texture it has. Now despite how orange it looks it looks quite natural on the skin as long as I use a translucent powder (the powder seems to lighten up the shade a bit). Unfortunately it oxidizes around the 3 hour mark and leaves your face looking very orange. That is not attractive at all and considering how little I use it will last me eons to use. Perhaps in the summer when I am tanner and put on a really good mattifying primer will the foundation stay on and not oxidize. But until then this is just being used as a bronzer. Putting a few of the negatives aside I really like the consistency of this product it kind of reminds me of a mousse dessert that you would get at high end restaurants. You know the ones where it looks really light and fluffy but is super dense and filled with extreme flavoury goodness. Pigmentation is quite good it gets a bit of color on the skin but smooths out very well over the skin. The packaging is a simple screw on lid with actually a cover but I took that out because it started to annoy me after a while. Overall, I think it’s a good product concept just not what I need for my skin.

Cost: $5.99CDN @ Shopper Drug Mart

Would I recommend this product? Unfortunately since this is discontinued in Canada there is no place for me to recommend you to try for Canadians but it is still available overseas. This is a nice product just make sure to pick up your perfect shade.

Review: NYX Retractable Eye Liner

15 Mar

Hello everyone! An eyeliner review today and boy I have a lot of these eyeliners.

Description: Waterproof colorful eyeliners for a perfect everyday look. The shades that I purchased are as follows 01 White, 05 Silver, 06 Gold, 08 Silky Cashmere, 09 Turquoise Blue, 10 Gray, 11 Purple, 12 Pink, 13 Blue Eyes, 14 Deep Blue, 16 Golden Olive. (this was the best picture I could take for you all) All swatches were done with two swipes across the arm and are in the order written above.

Review: There was a time where I was just purely an eyeliner pencil user who loved to sharpen pencils but when those pesky pencil shavings started migrating onto other makeup products I decided it was enough. So I switched over to mechanical pencils in which I didn’t have to sharpen and worry about. But I still like having both options as the thing with pencil liners is that they tend to be creamier and smoother than the mechanical eyeliners. So the texture of the pencils are not as smooth but they still glide acros the lids without any extra tugging. The shade that I had some noted difficulty with was Purple it wasn’t as pigmented as it’s counterparts and was streaky, dragging mess across my lids. Staying power was decent around 6-7 hours but passes the 8 hour mark with a primer (hey I have oily lids I can’t help it). For being waterproof they are as long as you don’t tug at it and I love that you don’t have to sharpen them but can still create a thick or thin line. Overall, great eyeliners except for the purple and the shade selection is just great.

Cost: $4.50USD per pencil @ online stores (nyxcosmetics.com, ebay.ca)

Would I recommend this product? I would these eyeliners are great for an everyday look and the amount of colors available is amazing.

Review: L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadows

28 Feb

Hello everyone! Sorry for a late night post today but hey it’s something super awesome!

Description: Smooth, creamy eyeshadow that won’t fade, crease and is waterproof. The shades purchased were Hourglass Beige (yellow based beige shimmer) and Forever Pink (light frosty pink with shimmer).

Review: These have been out in Canada for a while but I finally got around to picking them up and testing them out and I’m just going to say that I am impressed. I really like these for quick makeup days and also for days I spend more time of my makeup in the morning. I got two pretty much neutral shades but they are great for an everyday look I sometimes wear Forever Pink and some liner and call it a day it’s that simple and easy. I found that brushes don’t work well with this type of formula it’s a cross between a pressed pigment and loose pigment but feels like a cream eyeshadow (yeah it’s that smooth). A sponge-tip applicator or your finger works best using this. Pigmentation just blows you out of the park it’s really pigmented and there are now matte shades available in the line. It stays on for about 6-8 hours without primer and more than 8 hours when used with a primer. I’ve tested these in the shower and they stay on but if rubbed they will come off. The only quib I have is the packaging it just feels a little awkward to carry around with the square-like base and circle cap. Overall, this is a really great drugstore product I love that drugstores are really stepping up the makeup game.

Cost: $9-13 CDN @ local drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I totally would they work really great and stay on forever! Definately would love to pick up more shades if they weren’t so expensive…

Review: L’oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

14 Jul

Hello everyone! A review again today this time on a primer which I use quite often.

Review: I really dislike dipping my fingers into this product but it is still a good product. The claim is that it smooths out skin’s imperfection and keeps makeup lasting longer. Good claims and I feel like it does follow through with them. This primer practically covers the large pores on my nose and skin and it has that luxurious feel to it (due to the silicon I presume) and it blends out quite nicely. A little bit does go a long way and luckily it doesn’t have any scents. For lasting power all the foundation and powder that I put on top does seem to last a little longer than usual but not by that much. It only extends the life of my foundation by about 1 hour so not much time. This does help control the oil on my face though. Overall, a pretty solid drugstore face primer.

Cost: $8-16CDN @ your local supermarket or drugstore

Would I recommend this product? I would recommend this product for those who have large pores and I won’t be repurchasing as I don’t see that much of a difference in my makeup lasting through the day.

Review: Quo Total Face Perfection Primer

7 Jun

Whoo, it’s been a while since I posted up a review post… thankfully I haven’t forgotten the format of these posts. Hooray for remembering but here we go!

Review: Quo is a Canadian brand for those who are unaware and is only available at Shoppers Drug Mart. A primer is used before foundation to set a adhering base and to smooth out skin tone. Some primers are used to enhance the skin such as making it radient or colour correcting. This primer is only meant for keeping foundation on longer and even if I wore this on its own it really does have no effect. When I use this primer I notice that my base makeup stays on longer than without the primer give or take a few hours. It is a clear gel-like consistency and feels very smooth to the touch making it hard to determine which part of your face that you forgot to rub the primer into. Half a pump is enough for a full face also including the neck. I know that this will last a while before I have to go buy a new one. A pretty decent primer that doesn’t break me out like Smashbox Photofinish did.

Cost: $21.00 CDN only available at Shoppers Drug Mart. (*tip: for those buying wait until they have sales which is very often)

Would I recommend this product? I would recommend this product for those who are in Canada or live in Canada as it is a Canada exclusive product (how many times did I have to write Canada?). But there are other cheaper alternatives (Rimmel Fix&Perfect Primer) out on the market and this step isn’t really needed if you don’t need your makeup to last throughout the entire day.