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Review: Aveeno Positively Radiant Make up Removing Cleanser

26 Apr

Hello everyone! Another review if you remember I did review the Positively Radiant moisturizer (which I didn’t like) but I did try another product from this line and I do have good things to say to it.

Review: I have to say that even though I didn’t like the moisterizer from this line I actually like the cleanser. It foams up nicely and feels like you are rubbing your face with a pillow when apply it. Cleanse off and it doesn’t leave the skin feeling extremely tight (bad sign means that your skin just got sucked dry and thus produce more oil to compensate). Now for the claims of it removing makeup I think it did an okay job I still have to go over my face with an extra makeup remover (especially eye makeup) but it does a pretty decent job. For radiant skin none of that but it’s okay as cleanser doesn’t stay on the skin too long to get any benefits. Packaging made it easy to use and allowed for a good amount to be pumped out I used about 2-3 pumps day and night.This jug lasted for quite some time (usually finish about 2-3 months) this lasted about 4 months.

Cost: $11.99CDN @ any drugstore or Supermarket chains

Would I recommend this product? Overall, I would definately recommend this cleanser as an everyday cleanser for those who like foamy-ness in their products and those who don’t wear a lot of heavy duty makeup.

Review: Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisterizer with SPF 15

6 Apr

Hello everyone! A skincare review for you today, I just finished this product today and well here are my thoughts on it.

Review: I’m going to be honest and say that I absolutely hated hated this moisterizer. It didn’t feel like a moisterizer and it had weird sparkly bits in it. What I guess is good about it is that it does have SPF 15 (a bit low but perfect for winter time) it does sink in easily into the skin and there is no residue leftover. The pump mechanism on the bottle is really nice as it has a locking mechanism (perfect for travel). As stated before I really didn’t like this moisterizer even though I have oily skin I didn’t feel that it was moisterizing enough. And for the weird glittery bits in this well it’s small but still visible so when I catch my skin in the light sometimes I see glitter on my face. The glittery bits didn’t help with my oily skin as it made it look even more oily.

Cost: $19.99CDN @ any drugstore

Would I recommend this product? I would for those who have great normal skin who wants to give it a boost but for those with combination/oily skin stay away from this moisterizer.