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Can I be myself?

1 Jun

Hello everyone! A depressing post today so I’d thought I’d warn you ahead of time.

I’ve just gotten an earful from my mom basically stating that having interests (makeup and blogging) are completely useless and are not worth investing time and money in it. This argument/lecture began because of some makeup items I recieved in the mail (haul coming soon). Just brings me to a point where I just question (once again) why I am alive.

I know that I have a bad relationship with my parents especially my mom where they don’t want to get close nor will try being close. I don’t think it’s my fault nor their’s it’s just that there isn’t enough effort put behind getting to know one another. 

But when one or the other comes to criticize me for being who I am, doing things I like or even try to offer me advice when I ‘supposedly’ screwed up my life it always ends up in my ears sounding like they are blaming me for being a person who has hobbies.

I understand that it is to be for the betterment of my life but how they word it isn’t all that great it’s extremely toxic. It also brings up the point of why can’t I show my true self? Why can’t I just be whoever I want to be?

And a lightbulb goes on…

I don’t have to let them stop me from being who I am or expressing who I am it’s just myself who is preventing me to become who I want to be. But I’ll admit it’s hard just trying to express yourself when your whole life you’ve been told not to express yourself.

I want to be someone I can be proud of and I hope someday my parents will understand but for now I am erecting a very high wall to protect myself from their malicious words.

Donut Days

9 Oct

Hello everyone! I just want to share some photos with you today. ^_^ Since I had time today I decided to pick up the new Tim Horton’s donut that I’ve been wanting to try (Strawberry Bloom!!). When I got there… they said that they didn’t serve it anymore…

So I got a different donut…

The donut’s flavor is Pumpkin Spice. Not bad, not bad at all. ^_^

Concept of Beauty 2 – Face

5 May

This is the second portion of the Concept of Beauty. For the first post please go to:


Comparisons of facial structures this time and what is ideal in both Asia and the West. Here is where lots of ideals are the same or so I find.

The Asian ideal face is to look basically Western.

A high nose bridge, round small face, big eyes, beautiful glowing skin and long dark hair is considered ideal in Asia… like this person:

I do not know what the ideal Western beauty is as there is so much variation in modern times but I can tell you what the ideal was back in the day.

Cherub cheeks, porcelain skin, petite shapes on the face. Nowadays… so much variation but I guess that it’s just the culture that we live in here in America. ^_^

I find that even though it is ideal to attempt to look Western most asian people do not look that the girl pictured above.

For example, me ^_^

I have a strong jawline, face structure is not a round shape, my eyes are small, and my nose is a button nose (which is very cute in my sense) but these features are not ideal in an asian person. If I had a defined jawline, smaller and defined nose, bigger eyeballs and a round face I would be pretty. But I’m not and I still like myself for who I am.

I find that if everyone had the same face the world would be dull and boring. Wise words of the day is ‘Spread love not hate’ and ‘Love yourself for who you are’.

Battle of the faces!

22 Feb

So I have decided to pre-make a post and get WordPress to upload it tomorrow. Hopefully it will work. ^_^

This is a battle of my epic faces. ^_^ I thank Ray William Johnson for the inspiration for this post. This was done in all fun and games… no way do I make most of these faces out in public… or maybe I do…

Best be prepared! They are very very attractive. *wink *wink *nudge *nudge

  You’ll be laughing with glee like I am at the end of it.


Once again thanks RWJ for the inspiration your videos rocks my socks!