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Review: Maybelline Color Whispers in 25 Lust for Blush

28 Jun

Hello everyone! I will be reviewing a popular lip shade from Maybelline’s Color Whispers line. I really love this line of lipsticks they are fantastic.

IMG_1720 IMG_1721 IMG_1722 IMG_1725

Description: A light pink “my lips but better” shade cream finish.

Review: This is a pretty basic lipstick shade a creamy “my lips but better” shade that would work well on many skintones. Formulation wise it is a nice lipstick with a smooth glide across the lips and has adds a slight tint to your lips to enhance them. Wear time isn’t great with these lipsticks I get about 1-2 hours if I’m not eating or drinking anything but I think that’s the appeal of the lipstick. That it is easy to reapply and touch up throughout the day without needing a mirror. Overall, a lovely lipstick shade from this line and would love to get more lipsticks from this line.

Cost: $6-8CDN @ local drugstores and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? Yes, this is a universal shade that I think a lot of people will like to use on an everyday basis.

Review: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick

28 Jun

Hello everyone! This lipstick line has been released for a while but here’s my review on the lipstick.

Review: The shade that I picked up is Blush it’s a nice nudey rose color that enhances my lip color (therefore classified as a my lips but better color). There is no scent and it glides on pretty smooth on the lips. Not as moisturizing as I’d like it to be but the color payoff is really good. The color is buildable as for staying power I get about 3-4 hours max excluding drinking and eating. Overall a great lipstick but I won’t be purchasing more as I feel like it can be a bit drying at times.

Cost: $8-10CDN @ drugstore and supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? Yes they are beautiful shades and the packaging is gorgeous!