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Review: MAC Naturally

16 Jan

Hello everyone! So this is the first time that I have reviewed a MAC limited edition collection (and it is also the first time that I really splurged on a makeup collection). Items reviewed will be 2 Mineralized Eyeshadows, a Mineralized Skin Finish, and a Mineralized Blush. So since there are a few different items this review will be set up differently.

First off the Mineralized Eyeshadows. There is a total of five shades but I picked out just two shades (poor student here) they are $24CDN each.
Daylight is described as a cool-toned lavender shade and In the Sun is a glittery light brown-burgandy shade. Both shades wear for around 6 hours without fading and begins to fade (this is testing with a primer underneath). I found that In the Sun was a little harder to work with and not as smooth as Daylight (perhaps it was the glitter). Both are smooth pigmented and they are in general great shades to play with for a natural look. I haven’t tried using the shadows with water but will definately try in the future.

Next is the Mineralized Blush I have a lot of blushes so I picked out a standout color in this collection. There are three blushes in total but the one I picked up is Fresh Honey the blushes are $27.50CDN.
Fresh Honey is an apricot very orange shade. It is pigmented but can be a bit chalky the wear time is 8 hours and even though it looks scary it is quity wearable.

I saved the best for last the ever coverted Redhead Mineralized Skin Finish. I didn’t pick up Blonde due to the pink undertones so Redhead it was. The cost of these are pretty high $33.50CDN for one I seriously winced when I found out it now takes the place of the most expensive highlighter that I own.
Redhead is described as a warm champagne transitioning into dark pink. The wear time is great around 8 hours, the highlighting effects that it gives is a warm sheen to the skin and looks very natural. The powder is smooth, creamy and very blendable.

Review: Revlon Mineralized Finishing Powder

1 Aug

A drugstore dupe of MAC’s MSF (Mineralized Skin Finish).

Review: A drugstore dupe for MAC’s Mineralized Skin Finishs in general and the shade that I picked up was in Brighten. There are two other shades but they looked like bronzers and I am scared of bronzers so I didn’t pick them up. I think it works nice to give your skin a luminous healthy glow to it. The glow is  not very visible so you could end up applying too much to your face. For those with oily skin (me! oh pick me!) if you use it for its intended purpose it will make you look like an oil spill something you definately don’t want to have. Just using this product as a highlight is best; it comes off as a white slightly pink shimmer powder. There is no scent (thank you) but what I didn’t love was the packaging. The packaging is so big, thick and heavy thus leading me to only use this at home because it’s so big.

Cost: $15.99CDN wherever available

Would I recommend this product? I would recommend this product for those who can afford this as it is from Revlon but it is not totally necessary in everyday makeup routine.