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MUL: Dark Lipstick

14 Nov

Hello everyone! I really wanted to do a dark lip but since I attend a business school it sort of is out of the convention but I worked up the courage to wear it and… no one said anything… Anyways, the lipstick that I wore was MAC’s Rebel and I will try more dark lipsticks this season.

IMG_1678 IMG_1685


I like the second photo it looks semi-artsy lol.

MUL: Baby Pinks

25 Jul

Hello everyone! Today’s makeup look was a fun one as I worked with pigments. I usually avoid pigments on a daily usage because they are really messy to use and require more time but I have a lot of pigments so I should really use them.

IMG_1891 IMG_1892

It was really subtle but I really like the look I should really use pigments more often.

MUL: Red Lip Day

15 Jul

Hello everyone! A fun makeup look today well… it’s not really anything unique but I never wear red lipstick so it’s definitely out of my comfort zone.


MUL: Subtle Blue Sparkle

7 May

Hello everyone! A quick makeup look that I did today which incorporated blue… it seems all I wear is blue eyeshadow… hmmm…


MUL: Blue Wave

30 Apr

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted a makeup look in a very long time so I thought I’d post up an eye makeup look I had fun with. I wore this out and people thought I looked really bad but it was a fun look. Please note these photos were taken on April 19, 2013.

IMG_1514 IMG_1523

Fun right? Would you try this sort of dramatic eye look?