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Enough is Enough

1 Jun

Hello everyone! I never post on a weekend but I wanted to just post up a personal chit-chat type of post today about my stash/hoard.

I will lead you back to an old post I did called “When is enough?” and that was me bashing about how much beautifying items that I had. Well sad to say, my stash has increased even more than it was in that post. So to demonstrate I’ll put the pictures side to side:

Stash —>IMG_1530

And in the second picture that isn’t all the makeup and skincare products I own it’s gotten really out of hand and not everything I purchase is shown in the second photo. Obviously something must be done so that I have a reasonable size amount without overwhelming myself everyday.

Here are some goals that I will be setting up:

1. Limited product purchase per month – I have a tendency to purchase a lot of items during a given month but if I give myself say a 5 item per month limit (including skincare, body care, makeup etc.) that will reduce the amount of products coming in. (I realize that I might purchase sets of sample size products and just to be clear one set = one product)

2. Continue on with Empties – I find that photographing my empties motivates me to use up more products so motivation is good.

3. Use a mask every second day – I didn’t picture it above but I have a substantial stash of sheet masks and other masks as well so to use up this stash I will aim to use at least 3/4 masks per week.

4. Think before I buy – I impulse buy quite a bit so this is great as an exercise for me to see if I have something similar in my stash that I could just pull out and if I really want to purchase it that item will count as my product limit.

5. Time Limit – I have decided to give myself to the end of this year (Dec. 31, 2013) to see if my stash has reduced as well as to give monthly updates on how I am doing with the purchase limit, empties, and products I am almost done.

6. Review everything in my stash – I realize that I haven’t really reviewed everything on my blog from my stash (with some being limited edition etc.) but there are some items that I haven’t gotten around to reviewing so I should do that to see where my makeup stash is and when everything is reviewed I think I will be a happy camper and won’t complain if there is something that I haven’t reviewed yet.

7. Have a master list – I plan on creating a wishlist of sorts to see what I would like to purchase and to think about trying out. Not only that but I also plan on creating a list of Holy Grail items (items I would repurchase till the ends of time) and this will be sort of what I want my collection to look like if I started from scratch only using items that I seriously love.

Exception: I realize that the Sephora VIB sale will occur in November this year and I will let myself go to the sale to purchase items either as gifts or as a treat to myself (a limit of 5 items for myself personally from this sale this number will not affect the monthly 5 items).

Hopefully this will go as I plan but again I realize that it is hard to work on reducing my stash without being attracted to all the new stuff being released and such.

So to start documenting this I will start off with a collection overview and begin to work my way through the swamp I have created with the amount of beauty products that I have.

Finished Products #1

20 May

Hello everyone! So I got around to taking a picture of the products that I have finished over the past… well it’s been a long time and since I was cleaning I thought now would be a good time to throw out the packaging as it was taking up space. Sorry for another long  post. Anyways, here are the photos and a list of products finished.

Items are as follows:

Club Spa Strawberry Daiquiri Body Wash, St Ives Collagen Elastin body lotion, Tretanoin cream, B&BW Carried Away lotion, B&BW Forever Sunshine, Aveeno Makeup Removing Foaming Cleanser, Aveeno Postively Radiant SPF 30 Moisturizer, Almay Cucumber and Green Tea eye makeup remover, Boots Botanics Moisture Response Moisturizer, Shiseido White Lucent Cleansing foam, Laneige Water Bank Essence, Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream, Fructis Garnier leave in hair conditioner, The Body Shop Blush Golden coral, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, Earthlab Cosmetics mineral concealer, Stila lipglaze  x 4 (Cranberry, Starfruit, Pinkle Twinkle, Candy),  Shiseido Sun Portection Powder foundation, Revlon Colorstay Mineralized Powder, Sally Hansen Cream blush in Sunrise, Wet ‘n’ wild blush, Joe Fresh blush in Hydrangea, Annabelle eyeshadows (toxic garden, helium), Covergirl Smokey Shadowblast duo in Bronze fire, Stila lipgloss in kitten, The Body Shop lipstick in Guava, Covergirl Fruitslicks in Guava, N.Y.C Tinted lipbalm in Sugarcoated, Revlon lipstick in Rosey Nude, and Nivea Milk and Honey lip balm.

For a grand total of 33 total finished products. Hopefully I will get to do a haul post since I haven’t done any of those in a while. And show you the extent of my cosmetics addiction… which isn’t going to be fixed anytime soon.

Hoarders much?

25 Mar

Hello everyone! So I was just watching a makeup collection video on Youtube… which is quite common on Youtube and a thought came to me. Why do these young teenage girls have so much makeup? Don’t they throw out makeup that’s out of expiry? For example Juicystar07 has a huge makeup collection but when she took out her mascara drawer I was like WHOA!! Expired mascara!!

I mean I think I have a lot of makeup but at least I know when to throw out products and such. It makes it seem like these young girls are hoarding these products and they keep buying more (haul videos). An arguement that I’ve heard is that they are makeup collectors. *insert laughter* Usually when people collect things they are increasing in value but with makeup it decreases value so why ‘collect’ something which could ruin your skin later on? I also think that Youtube enables these girls to go out and buy products so that they could make videos and such.

Anyways, I just hope that these girls will release how silly they are a little ways down the road (and realize how much money they spent!)

For those who are curious here’s the video:

Makeup Collection: Spring 2011

8 Dec

Hello everyone! It feels that it’s been a very long time since my last beauty posts but anyways, I was browsing Shoppers Drug Mart the other day and noticed that they got the Spring collection from some places in already.  So I just snapped a few pictures… no one noticed…

So I hoped you enjoyed the spam of photos from playing with them a little I will most like just end up picking up Maybelline Smooth Mousse Foundation, Revlon WaterMineral Foundation, and maybe a Covergirl Natural Lipstick/balm. And I apologize for not so great pictures… I didn’t want to be caught…

Anyone else seen these in stores?

For anyone curious Muse has a review for the Almay powder foundation (thus my decision in not buying it) Check it here: http://www.musingsofamuse.com/2010/12/almay-wake-up-hydrating-makeup-review-swatches-photos.html

Makeup as a gift?

10 Aug

Hi everyone! So I get asked a lot by my friends about getting other people makeup as a birthday present or Christmas or whenever you give presents. And I am kind of on the fence for this question. I’m going to present some thoughts that go through my brain if I was going to give makeup to my friends as presents.

1. Do NOT give makeup to friends


– You don’t know their color likes and dislikes or you could totally pick a wrong color for their skintone.

– If your friend is a makeup collector (like me) they could possibly have the same color or product in their collection.

2. Give makeup to your friends


– Get a makeup bag and fill it up with some goodies and if they don’t like something they always have something else.

– Give them new products to try out such as an outrageous eyeshadow color or a new lip color without them having to commit to a full-sized product.

For me I only give makeup for those starting out with makeup so for those going into highschool or prom. That is where I do the works and go shopping with them to test out shades of color and such. For those who are already into makeup I give them hard to find items (or items they wouldn’t think about getting themselves) or products that are a staple in makeup collection.

Foundation, face powder, and concealer are extremely hard to match to a person so I would stay away from them. Everything else is fair game!