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Vietnamese Lunar New Year

11 Feb

Hello everyone! Chúc mừng năm mới! 新年快樂!Happy New Years! It’s a day late but better late than never right?

It’s New Years again and this year I haven’t done anything as I usually celebrate these things but I thought that I would show you what I wore for the occasion and my makeup (afterall, this is a beauty blog).

IMG_1285Awkward face…

IMG_1286 IMG_1287

I just did some simple eyeliner and blush… I wanted to go all out with glitter but there was no time for that after work and a shower. Thanks to my sister for taking the photos and making me not look so flattering.

New Years is a special time as the family all gets together and we wish each other a Happy New Year and wish for them all to be prosperous as well as having good health for the rest of the year. I really like just getting together with my cousins and chit-chatting on how life is treating them.

I hope that this year will be a great year for everyone and that it will be a prosperous year for you all. I would love to thank each and everyone of you personally for reading my blog whether from the beginning or just recently. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And just for fun a bonus image of my socks for that night. ^_^ Betcha weren’t expecting that.


Happy Lunar New Years!

3 Feb

Hello everyone! So today is Lunar New Years  and since I celebrate it I thought I’d share with you some snacks that are quite fun and made all together for New Years. The company name is Wan Wan (yeah yeah laugh all you want)  and they make really tasty snacks! I was surprised at how much was in this bag.

This year in Vietnam it is Year of the Cat (not sure why…) and in China it is Year of the Rabbit. Happy Lunar New Year!