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Review: Covergirl Cheekers Blush in Natural Rose

11 Jul

Hello everyone! Another day, another review.

Review: All I can say is wow… I wasn’t expecting this to be bad… like really bad… First off the good things it does give a nice glow to the cheeks (once you really get it on) and is buildable. Now the bad things it has a Noxema scent that can leech out to other products in my little makeup drawer. The pigmentation is really bad it’s barely there, the texture is pretty hard and it’s not easy to pick up the color on a brush (actually you would wonder if you have picked up any at all). Overall, I don’t recommend this it’s not the greatest product out there and I feel that cheaper brands can make a better blush than Covergirl currently.

Cost: $5-8CDN @ Drugstore and Supermarkets

Would I recommend this product? I’m still on the fence about this product as I’ve only tried this shade but if all the other colors are like this one I wouldn’t recommend but if others are different then I would recommend NOT to get this color. For more resources feel free to do a search on Youtube and makeupalley.com.