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A way of Parenting: Insults

15 May

As the title suggests this is another parent post… yeah I got parent issues but putting that aside.

My parents specifically my mother who insults me to try and ‘teach’ me what is right and what is wrong. I question is the insulting necessary in making your point? To which I would answer no.

Insult comes from (and I quote from dictionary.com) to affect as an affront; offend or demean.

During these conversation what usually happens is that she is grinding and questioning me on why ain’t I studying or what not and what I do during the time that I am not studying. To her there is no such thing as playtime there is only time to study. I think I have a right of playing my DS or watching Youtube videos over the weekend during school days or doing whatever I want not relating to studying over the summer break.

With the main topic I think most parents would love to see their children study a lot but I feel like they need a break and my parents do not give me that break that I need to recharge myself to get started on studying again. Insults that come up from these ‘lectures’ are things like my current weight (oh you gained some weight go study), my skin’s condition (your skin looks horrible and I’m sure you’re like that inside as well so go study), and sometimes it would lead to how I’m not the child that they wanted (i shouldn’t have given birth to you if I knew you were like this so go study).

If you were going to lecture me why do you have to hurt my feelings in the process?

The horror is over…

14 Dec

Or so I thought… well at least the exams are over so now I can post up stuff on the blog. Sorry for being away for a while but I’m back now which is great. Got some new things to show and other things as well. I am going to go to Northgate mall tomorrow. So far away!!

Not much to update today. I will just be working on going through the material for the Bushido lecture that I have to read to make my point, going through my old files for the Fall classes and prepping for tomorrows shopping trip to Northgate (I’ll most likely be looking though) and for the U bookstore. New textbooks after going through buyback. Yay! But the plan for tomorrow is to go and see Koreen without her braces. ^_^ And then go travel after selling the textbooks. Textbooks can be really heavy you know?

Anyways, I’m going to go clean and do some laundry. I’m glad to have posted up a post in such a long time.