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Review: Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine

1 Mar

Hello everyone! A lipbalm review today and it’s a pretty popular lipbalm amongst Youtubers and friends.

IMG_1400 IMG_1401 IMG_1402 IMG_1448

Description: A rich, buttery lip balm with a shiny tint of color. Shade is Jasmine a light neutral pink.

Review: The Korres lip butters are always talked about amongst my friends and a lot on the internet so I had some high expectations of this lip butter. I have to say that I am impressed about the formulation but am not happy about the price. Luckily I got this in a set so that reviews for the other lip butters will be coming up shortly. Now onto the product itself it is very smooth (like butter) to apply to the lips it took a few swipes to ensure that the product sunk into the lips instead of just sitting on top of the lips. As you can tell in the swatch there isn’t much pigmentation to this but there is a nice gloss finish on the lips. This product only lasts one hour but the lips still feel smooth even after the product has faded away. Overall, a nice lip product sadly the prices just make me shudder everytime I pick this up to use.

Cost: $16CDN @ Sephora & Shopper’s Drug Mart

Would I recommend this product? If you are curious and have money to purchase this product feel free but I would recommend that you wait until they are put into a set to purchase (more bang for your buck).


Review: Physician’s Formula Season-to-Season Bronzer

28 Mar

Hello everyone! Hooray Spring is coming soon and now I can seriously layer on bronzer for the sought after sun-kissed glow without worrying about skin cancer.

(Top = whole bronzer, L-R: Winter, Spring, Fall, Summer and Middle ball of sparkly stuff)

Description: Wanna look like you have a faux tan everyday of the year? Well this is for you! Four customizable shades for the perfect bronzer look. Swatches were done with one swipe.

Review: Man, this was a pretty pricey bronzer I have to say especially for drugstore. I’ve never actually seen this on sale so those who really want to pick it up just be prepared to pay a bit for it. I personally do enjoy how this bronzer was promoting four different shades for all seasons. It’s a great concept and is sure to be  a hit all year round. Unfortunately there are somethings that are not so good about it. The colors are great they aren’t an Oompa-loompa orange so that’s always nice. All the colors are very pigmented but there is glitter throughout the entire product especially in the center with a little anchor like thing it is just shimmer to add to your face. It blends out easily though and the packaging is quite sturdy even though it’s a little too big for my liking it still works. Staying power was around 5-6 hours without any touch ups which is nice. Now for the unfortunate part of this bronzer, the scent. I smells very intensely of fake flowers and it’s not a pleasant scent I could even smell it after I put it on my face. So for those who have sensitive skin the scent can be a bit irritating on the skin. Also the amount of glitter/shimmers put into the product is a bit off putting I love my shimmer but not when it’ll make me look like a glitter bomb. Overall, I think it’s a nice bronzer with a great concept but the scent and shimmer is very off-putting for me. I won’t repurchase but it’s not a bad product per say.

Cost: $21.99CDN @ Shoppers Drug Mart

Would I recommend this product? I would for those who love shimmery bronzers, enjoy floral scents or do not mind scents in their cosmetics. Everyone else who hates shimmer and intense scents I would recommend to stay far far away from this product.