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Super Comeback

15 May

Super Junior is back!! Hooray!! It’s been about a year since they last came out with anything since Sorry Sorry and It’s You promotions.
This time they are back and are even cooler… ahah I think these guys are just eye candy for girls because they all look so cool. ^_^ Anyways, enjoy their title song Bonamana (Banana?!).

Family day

15 Feb

To celebrate Family day or lack thereof in my family a random photo!


This is my true feelings for some situations at home…. I want to be like Domo-kun and go on a rampage!

But I came across something really interesting today:

Hooray! It’s Super Junior! I loved the fact that Kyuhyun and Donghae joined in this time as well. As usual Leeteuk, Shindong and Eunhyuk were hilarious! I especially love the Olympics mention in it even though there is no running event in the winter games. Super fun to watch!

That will be all for today as I did a lot of cleaning and woke up pretty tired and sore from lion dancing. Yeah, the soreness now kicks in.