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Sending out some Love

17 Dec

Slow day today… didn’t go anywhere so that was pretty boring I did basically nothing at home though. Heh… other than watching Inglourious Basterds. That was a pretty interesting movie a little to violent for me but it was ok. Brad Pitts accent was very entertaining.

Fished out the video camera so now I can start making videos and such. I really want to get a DIY tinted moisterizer up on Youtube soon. I was looking around places to go and film it in my room but the lighting is still pretty bad so I’m just going to film at my desk just because it’s easier to have access to lighting which still isn’t the best but it will do for now.

Cutting my bangs today… probably by the end of the week or the beginning of next week I will have a trim for my hair… which is long but I have to go and protect it somehow you know?

Well, I am heading up to Northgate Mall tomorrow and it looks like there isn’t much up there… the only place that I plan to visit is the dollar store and maybe Zellers to see if they have good deals. Then I’m heading off to Kingsway Garden Mall which is on the way back to Southgate so I’ll stop by there to see if I can get a brochure… yeah, I like brochures… I’m going to be putting them into my scrapbook. Yay! I have one for Londonderry, and City Center. So the places that I plan to go to tomorrow is Northgate, Kingsway Garden Mall, Southgate and before going home… London Drugs. Things that I am going to get are… from the dollar store a basket for my hair and skin products, a over the side purse thing and some licorice if possible. At Shoppers I believe that they are having a sale on the Olay Body Wash thingies and I have a coupon for it so I think I will use it. Hooray for coupons! Lets see what else… London Drugs… what the heck was I wanting from there?? Oh yeah, leave-in hair conditioner… I have to have that as my hair is currently going to fall apart due to the wear and tear and the fact that the shampoo does get my hair clean but is rough on the hair follicles and that the conditioner really does nothing for my hair… yeah, leave-in conditioner is a total must have. Also a nail buffing block… it’s cheaper at London Drugs than at Sephora which is great cause that means I can save some money. If I do have some money left over I’m going to head to Superstore to get more Ovation chocolate mint sticks and saving them as my sister ate most of it up and it is pretty yummy. Later times later times. But licorice is a must!! I might buy 2… or 3 depending if I want to carry all that home. Heh.

Oh, I decided against getting the shimmering eyeshadow from the Body Shop as I could always wait for a sale from them so yeah. I’ll wait and get like a few when they have a sale going on for their makeup… always waiting for deals.

So with most of my things planned out all I have to do is remember to buy everything I want tomorrow. All written down yay!

I’m pretty excited for the week to end and for me and Quyen to go shopping on Mon… dollar stores here I come!! So frugal. Heh.

Snow day

4 Dec

Today it snowed like crazy!! I took a picture of my feet and of how powdery the snow was. Here they are:

This was taken a while ago at Kingsway Garden Mall. That place is pretty cool!

So what ended up happening was great for EASIA has a fun time trying to review. It just shows that I gotta go over a few things and really really focus on chemistry.

On the way home I decided to stop by Superstore to get some Crispers as it was cold and I knew I needed some energy by the time I reached Millgate Transit station. So I went and Superstore had just recently finished renovating so I kinda got lost sorta. Here’s what the exterior looked like… I don’t think I was allowed to take photos inside so I didn’t.

Since it was snowing it doesn’t look so good. Maybe I should take one in the summer and then compare. Heh, that sounds like fun. Anyways, it was a difficult way to get home. The snow was about… 20 cm or 30 cm? But there was a lot of snow so when the bus stopped it had difficulty moving again. Due to that I had to take a 61 home so that I could get home on time. Horrible walking home. Basically people didn’t shovel the sidewalk so walking on the road was much cooler than on the sidewalk. Everytime a car came, oh time to go search for the pavement… and once it passed back on the road. While walking towards my house I was basically in the middle of the road. Fun times… I should have taken a photo. Darn missed my chance. But it was really cold when the wind picked up while I was going home. It like picks an opportuned time to harrass me. Sheesh, anyways home safe and sound even though I’m a little cold nothing but some hot chocolate can’t fix.

I can’t wait for the exams to be over. I really don’t like studying…

I’m slowly running out of lip balm so I’m thinking of getting SoftLips as my next product instead of going to Rocky Mountain Soap Company for my current lipbalm which is like $5. Yeah, might get it today with the gang depending if its in stock or not.

I was thinking when I head out to WEM with my brother the Princess and the Frog will be out so I wonder if I will be able to go and watch it…. I would really like to. Been a really long time since I’ve been to a theatre to watch a movie. I should ask Quyen about it. Anyways, I have to do laundry today so I’m off to do that and after studying. Hwaiting!!