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Beauty Blogging

13 May

Back in the days where there weren’t as many beauty bloggers as today reviews used to be so in a sense ‘pure’.

People wrote honest reviews and would suggest great things for other people through the internet. All of that has now changed and in my view for the most part worse. Bloggers are now not so honest and pure as they were just 5 years ago.

Times sure has changed.

Now with Youtube at the forefront for beauty bloggers many bloggers are getting free products from companies and in turn for the free products are then asked to review their products in a “positive light”.

A while back there was an issue with a company’s products not being shown in a positive light. This incident involved beauty vlogger JuicyTuesday (a.k.a. Teresa) who recieved free clothing from Hot Miami Styles to try and review. Her review of some of the clothing sent were not so positive and the company asked her to take down the not so positive video. Here is her response:

And to be honest, I am glad that Teresa filmed this video because it does really show that she is sincere about her reviews and is not afraid of rebuttal from the other side.

I feel like I can’t watch product reviews anymore because you don’t know if the person is being sponsored ‘under the table’. I feel very disappointed in beauty bloggers on Youtube because they are young which means that they are not as knowledgable about the corrupted society that we live in. Still, I support these young bloggers for putting themselves out there and not being afraid to take criticism from anonymous people.


Youtube Party

16 Feb

After realizing that I can post up Youtube videos on here I’m going to do it again! These people are the people that I tend to watch a lot on Youtube.

Canadian Gurus



American Gurus



Michelle Phan


UK Gurus



Comedy Favourites

RayWilliamJohnson/Breaking NYC/=3

Ryan Higa/NigaHiga

Love these people I would really love to meet them in person. ^_^

But I think that will be it for today… not a very exciting day today other than Youtube. ^_^

BTW, all of the girls are makeup gurus… I’ll post up some other people as well once I get to watch more from them.