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4 Nov

Hello everyone! I just recently came across this concept of being thin is beautiful and that many girls look up to these thin people and use them as inspiration for them to lose weight. For me I think it’s a great idea but it can progress into unhealthy weight loss is you don’t know where the stop point is. I used to be skinny like the girls I’m going to show but I’m at a comfortable weight right now and I’m happy. I won’t get into the darker side of this so this is for those who want to lose weight (like I used to be) but please be careful in how much weight is lost and how it is done.

Please note that since I am of an asian background I do not know many models in the Western world so this is why most of the girls I choose for thinspiration are Asian.

Rub my Tum Tum

9 Apr

I am going to talk about something UBER delicious… CUPCAKES!!!
I made some yesterday just for my Japanese class mainly due to our skit which was a reenactment of Food Network shows borrowing inspiration from Hell’s Kitchen, Iron Chef America and other similar cooking challenge shows.

Here’s what they look like:

As you can see a very well done cupcake if I do say so myself. Today has been a fun day but now it is time to study hard for finals. So not that many posts will be up for the next two to three weeks as I will be concentrating on my studies but I will attempt to try and update as best as I can.

The weather has been absolutely horrible lately… curse Alberta weather it’s like winter outside… there’s even snow on the ground!

Battle of the faces!

22 Feb

So I have decided to pre-make a post and get WordPress to upload it tomorrow. Hopefully it will work. ^_^

This is a battle of my epic faces. ^_^ I thank Ray William Johnson for the inspiration for this post. This was done in all fun and games… no way do I make most of these faces out in public… or maybe I do…

Best be prepared! They are very very attractive. *wink *wink *nudge *nudge

  You’ll be laughing with glee like I am at the end of it.


Once again thanks RWJ for the inspiration your videos rocks my socks!