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8 Dec

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share with you a video today just uploaded from Wong Fu Productions. It literally made me cry and I was watching it in the computer labs. The guy next to me was like “Dude are you okay?” but it was a pretty emotional video and the message really hit home for me. Just watch and you’ll understand.

Lunar New Year + Chocolate!

14 Feb

Happy New Years and Happy Valentine’s Day!


I didn’t actually recieve any chocolate which is good because I actually still have a lot at home. ^_^ Hooray for New  Years though there is another party that I have to attend to tonight so yeah… I will post up photos in a seperate sort of thing… or maybe double post like I did today… hmmm

Anyways, I am cleaning today and I still have a lot left to go through but at least the area around my vanity is nice. Now back to laundry and organizing my desk. I need to go and get myself a garbage can…