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Long time no see… again

8 Nov

Hello everyone! Long time no see… once again you can tell that I still haven’t gotten everything together. I got a few updates for you guys which is quite a bit but I’ll get into those in a different post (maybe a new post series?) but this is just to say hello.

Afterall, I COME IN PEACE!!

Mid-Autumn Festival

22 Sep

Hello everyone! Today is the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and yes us Vietnamese people celebrate it with the Chinese and Korean people. So I ate moon cake today! Woohoo! Since I’m at school most of the day I could only take these photos.

Sorry for photo overload. But I had fun!


22 Mar

Giggity. ^_^ Another blog… it’s been a while or seems like its been a while. Other than letting people know about the new Nintendo DSi XL coming out. There isn’t much going on today other than the fact that it snowed outside… can’t show you that because its all melted by now. I should start carrying my camera around once again.

But there is still a photo for today’s post.

Like the new layout?