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Hair cut!

30 Jul

Hello everyone! A quick post today as I got quite a few things to do but over the weekend my sister cut my hair and this is what it looks like a before and after.

IMG_1751 IMG_0825

So it is a lot shorter which is fantastic and great for the hot weather here.

I have also joined Instagram so feel free to follow me @dodotheextinct. (shameless self promotion)

The Time is Now

19 Mar

Hi! Informal blog post now! Woohoo!

I have a new hair colour!

Brown!! That and my hair is pretty long… hooray!

I don’t know why my hair is brown but it’s brown now…. not black anymore…. I’m just going to get my hair trimmed just a bit I like my hair long. ^_^

I’m going to do a collective haul post sooner or later depending on when I get the items. Maybe I should do two seperate ones… hmmmm… anyways this post is just a quick update. That and soon I will be able to make a video!