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23 Feb

Hello everyone! Today I went scouting/window shopping so to speak but I did pick up one thing… well maybe more than one but that’s not the point. I want to show you this cake piece that I got it was a pretty good price and it tasted alright.

It’s a green tea mousse cake interesting eh? I just hope for next time they add more green tea-ness. Sorry for the awkward lighting in the photo.


13 Feb

Not much is going to happen early in the morning therefore I ended up cleaning and organizing my area. But I think it ended up being much more of a mess. o.o Well, I patched up my vanity area so now it looks like this…

Warning: Another huge load of photos!

 Tada! The new layout!

Let’s do close-ups! I was so excited once I finished organizing everything.


So yeah, the basic organization of my stuff. Woohoo! All the photos have been uploaded! The drawer that I love the best out of all of the drawers I have is obviously the food drawer. ^_^ Fun times. Well, off to the Viets New Year Celebrations which are tonight. I’ll post photos of it all tomorrow and such… when I get back home I’ll be like 3 in the morning. ^_^ I promise I’m not drinking though!

Trespassors stop!

4 Feb

Been through plenty of places on campus today… lots of stairs and walking… very active today. The first few things that I did today was attend a job fair so that I can score myself a summer job. I want to work a lot this summer to get the finances to go to Korea next summer. ^_^ I’ll do my best to get to that goal! Lots of interesting jobs out there.

Classes were interesting as usual and in the end I ended up looking at homework right after. Got a bunch of nutrition done, re-learning about the digestive system and how food gets digested. That and I have decided to get some soaps from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company. I love their Lip butter which is a great moisterizer and I have decided on four soaps. They are the Citrus Soother Soap, Avocado Facial Soap, Grapefruits Soap, and the Green Tea and Cucumber soap. Here’s a photo of one of the soaps.

 I hope that they are very cleansing and smell nice. ^_^ Glad that they are a lot cheaper than LUSH soaps. Two thumbs up for that only $4.99 while LUSH is like $10+ per soap.

I stayed behind and watched the film Toxic Trespass and it was an eye-opener! Made me feel like I was really sucking in so many environmental factors such as mercury and even pesticides. From 1 million tonnes of toxins in the air 10 years ago to over 400 million tonnes of toxins in the air now. O.O!!! SHOCKING!!!

Other then that… I will end today’s post with photos of art on campus.


I hope that everyone had an interesting day as well. ^_^