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Too Young?

24 Jun

Kids these days are getting more and more grown up at a younger age especially when it comes to wearing makeup.

Here is a 6 year old demonstrating a makeup look.

So I gotta ask you when did you start wearing makeup? When is it acceptable to wear makeup?

For me I started wearing makeup at the tender age of 17 just in time for graduation. All that I wore at that time was some powder to blot my face. I really got into makeup during the summer of 2009 (which was after grad…) and it slowly began to pick up. Looking at how much my makeup collection has grown really surprised me. ^_^ I have a greater appreciation for all things beauty related as compared to when I was 15 and scoffed at kids my own age wearing makeup.

I think the perfect time to wear makeup is starting in Jr High and I think just starting off little by little is great. Setting limits on how much your girl can put on. For example Gr 7 they are allowed to wear lipgloss, Gr 8 some mascara, Gr 9 eyeshadow… etc. Building their repitoire slowly allows them to gain self-confidence. ^_^

Super Comeback

15 May

Super Junior is back!! Hooray!! It’s been about a year since they last came out with anything since Sorry Sorry and It’s You promotions.
This time they are back and are even cooler… ahah I think these guys are just eye candy for girls because they all look so cool. ^_^ Anyways, enjoy their title song Bonamana (Banana?!).


14 Apr

Everyone’s heard of MIA (missing in action) but I’ve been an MAP (missing asian person)… the things you do with acronyms….

Anyways, it’s exam cram time so that’s why I haven’t posted anything up as of late. I probably won’t be able to post anything until next week Wednesday… so in the meantime I’ll leave an entertaining video.

Thanks KevJumba!