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Novelty Item

4 Sep

Hello everyone! I think everyone has those novelty items at home… you know the items that you think you need but not really. These products generally promote popular items such as Pokemon or… Dora the Explorer or they can be products that look like one thing but is another.

The latter type of product is what I got recently.

What looks like a chocolate bar is actually a calculator!! That was pretty exciting and for a dollar who can’t resist. I currently use this calculator to work out how much things will cost me and is in my bag as a portable calculator.

Imagine this scenario:

Prof: Okay everyone please bring out your calculators for the next problem. Dodo what are you doing? Why did you pull out a chocolate bar?

Me: Oh its a real calculator!

Prof: … Everyone please take out real calculators.

Me: But it’s a real calculator!!

Feeling a little reminiscent of Pinnochio.

Funny Faces

31 May

I haven’t posted anything funny about myself lately… work must be boring… school time was much more interesting… but anyways, me poking fun at myself…

 Very attractive but not as attractive as this face here:

 Chubby asian kid!

Ahaha, I will post up more beauty reviews and such as I haven’t done that in a while… perhaps work on other categories as well… *hint to look forward to future posts!