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How do you shop?

3 Jun

Hello everyone! Just a question that I have been wondering for a while and that is how do you shop?

Do you shop by yourself? Or with friends/family?

Me? I like to shop by myself. My reason? If I shop with a bunch of people you have to wait up and help your friends determine what to get and that can get frustrating and it’s also time-consuming. If I shop with people it would only be one other person and not a group or anything. So how do you shop?


21 Sep

Hello everyone! Just a quick post on friends.

In University there isn’t that much time that I have to see my friends or make any new friends while I’m at it you know? Class sizes are too big, the place you sit in doesn’t guarentee that you have the same neighbours, and well there is just too many people!

So moral of the story is that you are your own best friend when it comes to post-secondary.

 Study Hall B everyone studying to studiously… BTW, this is not peak time.

Working hard

2 Dec

I told myself that I was going to reduce my spending after spending so much money in November alone but now LUSH is tempting me again. The massage bars are the ones that are tempting me…. I’m thinking either the Strawberry Feels Forever or the Therapy or Each Peach. If you get two bars you get the massage bar tin for free, each bar is $8.95CDN. When I thought about it I actually have tins from the Christmas cookie that I got from the Dollarstore but I want to smell the massage bars first before I buy. Smell is very important I don’t want to put something on me without liking the smell because you will smell like the bar after using it. Also thinking about the Tea Tree Toner Tab $1.50CDN to use though I would have no idea how to use it. I am going to become a LUSH junkie.

But other than me being tempted I went to Kingsway yesterday and the new mall looks good I took pictures of their decorations I want to go back to get some more photos. The Fruits & Passion did not have the Fragrance trio that I was looking for so sad so I have to go to WEM this Thursday to see if they got the trio in stock or not. Ugh, I hate long bus rides.

Well, studying chemistry is really hard work. So much that I don’t remember that is really bad the final exam is like next week. >.< I’ll do my best!! Studying is going to take over my life so I’m actually planning not to go to Fri class or maybe I should be there physically but I really have to study. Curse the fact that the gradings are taking place this week…. rawr!

Staying home most of the time…. Fri I still have to come due to Adolphson’s extra class thingie majig. Mon, I think I just might stay home and study… I don’t want to go to school but home distracts me too. I’ll be a hermit for the following week for sure. Haha…

Handed out most of my presents today… I just now have to hand out Yoon Sun’s present to her tomorrow?? I’m going to Facebook her and ask her to come tomorrow. I won’t leave for WEM until I have handed her the present. Afterall, I worked so hard to go and get the presents and much thought was put behind each one. I got presents from Koreen and I totally wasn’t expecting one from Gigi!! That was so shocking!! So now we are Facebook friends which is great because I don’t know when we’ll all see each other again.

STUDY TIME!! Hwaiting!