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Review: Almay Trio fro Hazel Eyes

29 Feb

Hello everyone! A really old eyeshadow review today Almay just redid their entire eyeshadow line so I can’t speak for the quality now but this was their eyeshadow quality before the line-up change.

Description: Swatches were done quite heavily (3 swipes) for the color payoff shown in the photo.

Review: I found that the shades were not as pigmented as I thought they were (it decieved me!). But the shades are very wearable for an everyday look and since they are not so pigmented it is great for days where I don’t want to put effort into my eyeshadow. The powders are actually kind of chalky if you pick up too much a flat shader brush as ideal and using small strokes to pick up the product resulted in not so much fall-out. Packaging is nice clear plastic and the designs on the shadows just make it appealing to me. Overall, not a very good palette so I’m glad it’s gone from the original line their new line products are much more pigmented.

Cost: $3CDN @ London Drugs (this palette style is not sold anymore)

Would I recommend this product? Since this product style is discontinued I won’t recommend nor recommend as it doesn’t exist.

Review: Lavshuca Palette in OR-1

1 Feb

Hello everyone! A Japanese drugstore review today. Orange was a popular shade last spring and it’s expected to be a hot trend color once again.

Description: Four tantalizing shades of a modern mandarin. The first shade is orange tone champagne, a bright mandarin, a midtone brown, and a darker brown with orange shimmers. All the shades are shimmery shades with an orange tint.

Review: I find that orange shades are very flattering on practically any skintone the warmth that it provides for the skintone . It’s just a really nice shade to work with and since it is a trend color it just adds a nice pop of color. Pigmentation is good but I find that it is a bit chalky and there is a lot of fall out when I apply it. The powder itself is quite soft and blendable and the packaging is just too adorable.

Cost: $13-18USD @ online stores (ebay.ca)

Would I recommend this product? I would recommend this to those looking for an orange shade but of course the downside is that it is only available in Japan so airmail time and shipping could deter you from purchasing.