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Review: Dior DiorSkin Shimmer Star in Amber Diamond

21 Feb

Hello everyone! An exciting post today as I am finally getting around to reviewing the infamous Dior Amber Diamond highlighter! If you can recall (I had to look back a while) I actually hauled this in March 2012. Haul post found HERE. So I’ve had this for about a year and I am finally reviewing it… clearly I have priorities straight but onto the review!

IMG_1376 IMG_1377 IMG_1380 IMG_1421

Description: A highlighting powder with fine shimmers for a glimmering look. Shades include ivory, champagne, tan, bronze, and peach strips and when blended together it will produce a golden glow.

Review: I love high-end products as much as the next girl and it takes a bit of convincing to actually purchase these sorts of products. Of course, it’s not like I needed another highlighter in my life but it’s extremely gorgeous! The packaging is hard plastic with Dior label in the middle. The five shades mix well together and create a gorgeous golden glow in the cheeks. I have a tendency to overdo my highlighter as I love the effect that they give my skin but no matter how much product I use (little or a lot) it does not look overdone not cakey on the skin. Texture is a very finely milled powder and all five shades are pigmented. Overall, this is extremely beautiful highlighter and I can really see why people love this product.  

Cost: $45USD/$45CDN

Where to buy: Dior counters @ the Bay/Sears, Sephora.com

Would I recommend this product? If you have the cash to spare then yes go for it it is a really really nice highlighting product and I’ve been using this for a year and haven’t even made a dent in it!

Review: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

13 Mar

Hello everyone! A bronzer review today hooray for the upcoming Spring and Summer season.

Description: For the most delicious sunny glow to your face add a little Chocolate Soleil into your life.  A matte brown with warm undertones it even smells like chocolate!

Review: I have to start off mentioning the packaging my gosh it is very intricate and totally gorgeous. It really adds a sense of class to the product. There is an interesting smell to this it does smell like chocolate but not a true chocolate smell it’s very artificial sort of chocolate scent. The packaging is a nice size (similar size to MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinishes) and is a nice weight. Onto the actual product itself it is a matte which is great so it can work as a contour shade or a nice sunny glow to the face. Based on the swatch seen above it is pigmented but can be sheered out easily even though it is a matte it adds a really nice glow to the face. The powder is finely milled and smooths easily over the skin making it easy to buff out the shade. Is it worth the $36CDN I paid for it I believe so it will last me quite some time but probably won’t repurchase. Overall, this is a really great bronzer for everyday usage in all seasons but the price tag is a little bit ouch.

Cost: $29USD/$36CDN @ Sephora or toofaced.com

Would I recommend this product? If you got money to spare this is a great bronzer for all seasons.

B2S a.k.a. Back 2 School

8 Sep

Don’t you just hate the dreaded moments of going back to school? I do and excuse me while I take down some notes from the board.

I’m in University 2nd year and if I thought things are going to be the same it ain’t so now that I am back at school hopefully there will be lots of fun things that will happen. 

So since it is the first week us University kids have… drumroll please

This year’s theme is Mario and Friends which is great I absolutely love it! But the activities this year are kinda lacking… not much that I want to go to but there is a movie on Friday night. It’s How to train your Dragon and it’s for FREE!! I am totally going since I have not much time and think movie theatres are expensive to go to.

More school posts will be up and my birthday is in 11 DAYS!! So exciting!

Review: Shiseido Pureness 3-step System

22 Apr

Woohoo, finally a review on these products. The photo of the used products… heh…

Review: A little backdrop in the Shiseido Pureness line, this skincare line is meant for those who have oily and acne-prone skin. I basically fit in that description so I thought that I would try out this starter set before actually buying the full sizes. What is included in this little set is the deep cleansing foam, balancing softener (a.k.a. toner), and the mattifying moisterizer. When I first started using these products I totally saw a difference in my skin, the pores looked smaller, my face was actually mattified, and it felt like the skin was rebalancing and recoverying from using acne cleansers. Things that I disliked was that it made my skin feel really really dry afterwards and the mattifying moisterizer did not have enough moisture or so I felt. Though after I stopped using the cleanser it didn’t feel so dry. The products did really mattify my skin and is great for those who have pretty oily skin but just having one or two of the three products doesn’t do much for your skin. The only thing that I thought was worth it’s money was the mattifying moisterizer which I bought a full size of which was about the same price as the set that I bought. Overall, I think the products are good but I don’t agree with the price tag that goes along with them.

Cost: $40.00 CDN on sale @ Shiseido counter [hooray for January sales]

Would I recommend these products? For those with oily skin yes but I would only recommend the toner and moisterizer. The deep cleansing foam I thought to be too harsh with the exfoliation beads in it and everything.


9 Mar

Yeah… I’m sorry I didn’t post my exciting news yesterday…. so much work to go through before the big event!

So this great event that is happening this weekend is Soba Bowl IV Anime Festival!!!

I’ve never posted anything that I was an anime fan but I’m out of the closet now… I’m a HUGE anime fan! I hope I don’t lose any readers just because I’m an anime fan….

More information on Soba Bowl is that it’s in the fourth year of putting on this event. Their website is currently down so I can only link the Facebook group page.


I used to be an executive member when I went to high school but not anymore… still I’m an advisor which is kinda cool. ^_^

Anyways, I am in artist alley/avenue this year so I get to sell some stuff that I made. These are the things that I have been working on and am going to sell. ^_^

I don’t know if you can tell but it’s a bunch of pencil cases. There are two types that I have with a variety of colors. ^_^ So regular solid color and an asian brocade… man those were expensive to get. But I hope to sell a bunch of them to cover the base costs. ^_^ At least they were fun to make. I also have two Domo-kun pencil cases but I don’t have his face done yet so I can’t take a photo of him… sadly I hope to get him all done. Well off to prepare more for the festival now. So sad that I don’t have that much time left to finish anything. Go fast as possible time!! So glad to get this news off my chest. ^_^